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    The Queen (BNG) Part One

    I was watching the Tudors last night and got inspired. It's my first BNG so sorry if its bad!

    Use this die for now:

    You are born in the mid eighteenth century into a noble family of some grand country. What country is it (roll)?
    1. England
    2. France
    3. The Netherlands
    4. Denmark
    5. Sweden
    6. Spain

    What are your parents names? ( First and middle names come from . They are styled Duke and Duchess.)

    What is your name? ( You choose but you have two middle names, the 2nd middle name has to be from the country you were born in, look at if you can't think of one. You are styled as a Lady)
    What are you like?: (you choose)

    You grow up in the country side with your (roll the dice) number of sisters being looked after by a single governess. You also have (roll the dice) brothers but they are being brought up elsewhere in preparation for their lives as noble rulers. You and your sister(s) are all very bright and spirited. You run positively wild in the country side and have a very happy childhood away from your stuffy parents and brothers.

    What are is/are your sister's names? (First names are your choice. Middle names come from . They are also styled as Ladies)

    What is/are your brother's names? (First names are your choice, middle names come from . They are styled as Dukes.)

    When you are sixteen you and your eldest sister (her name) are summoned to court. There you are told by your mother (her name) that an envoy from a far off land has come in hopes of arranging a marriage between one of you and the eldest son of a king. You are excited, for never in your wildest dreams had you imagined being married to an heir apparent. However your hopes of being chosen are slim, for your sister's is known for having the most exquisite (Physical feature) but you resolve to try and charm him anyway.

    What country is the prince from (roll)?
    1. Germany
    2. Portugal
    3. Russia
    4. Austria
    5. You choose any country you want.
    6. Make one up.

    What is the Prince's name? ( You choose his first name, middle names come from He is styled HRH the Prince.)
    What does he look like?: Your choice.

    What are his parents names?: (First and middle names come from . They are styled Their Majesties King and Queen of (country))

    You are taken by the envoy to meet Prince (His name). He is very stoic and doesn't say much but he is quite handsome and you try your best to engage him with your wits and dazzling smile. Two days later the envoy informs you that Prince (his name) has chosen you as his bride! (roll the dice) months later you are married in a grand cathedral and you officially become Her Royal Highness, Princess (your name) of (country).

    After the wedding you are able to get to know your husband better. Is he agreeable?
    #even = yes
    #odd = no

    If he is agreeable to you than you become fast friends. You find him to be sweet, noble and just. Even though you have no role in the governing of your kingdom he always allows you to share your opinion on matters of state and soon you are completely enamored of your prince. A year after your marriage you have a baby girl who is much beloved by everyone. Her first name is your choice but her middle names are after your mother or eldest sister. She is styled Princess.

    If he is not agreeable than you find out soon after your marriage that he is not shy at all but arrogant and cold. He doesn't speak to you often and treats you more like a possession than a human being. You petition his father, the King, for an annulment but he refuses. You spend two years angry and miserable until you finally have something to smile about. A baby boy! He is small and sickly but you cherish him greatly. His first name comes from and his middle names are after his father or your father. He is styled as Prince.

    List your Royal family so far and add descriptions of your issue, if you like.

    Part Two coming soon!
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