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    I dislike both. Navaeh is tacky, and Heaven seems like a lot to live up to. Does that make sense?

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    I seriously don't get this ridiculous opposition to Neveah. It's nice sounding, it's kinda clever, it's not really all that tacky. It's like naming your kid Grace or Faith, to me. Sorry it hasn't been around for 500 years, guess that makes it dreadful.

    Heaven is too blatant for me, personally. I'd say it's worse than Neveah for this reason. At least with Neveah you aren't SAYING Heaven all day. It just has that rather unsubtle meaning. I'd feel weird telling Heaven to behave.

    I think Haven is cute, though. It's less used in common conversation, and has a more broad/generic meaning. The long A sound also makes it sound nicer to me, more fluid. Heaven sounds so short in comparison.

    So Heaven is worse than Neveah, and Haven is much better than both.
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    Not a fan of either name.
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    Heaven and Nevaeh are both just awful to me. Haven strikes me as a totally different league. I agree with the pp that mentioned Jessica Alba, it's a little celeb-y right now because of her, but otherwise I think it's a lovely name. One of my favorite authors is Haven Kimmel, she's amazing.

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    I actually like Nevaeh more than Heaven, and I am not a Nevaeh fan. But at least she could go by Neve or Neva. Heaven is just so tacky to me, and yes, it sounds like a stripper name, like Candy. I think you have to be careful with word names, especially as a first name. If you love Heaven, stick it in the middle slot. Haven is a bit better imo but I still think it's better suited for a middle.

    (The other problem with Heaven is she will probably get jokes about heavin' or heavy. Not worth it imo)

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