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    Haven is fine....totally different than heaven...which sounds like a stripper and Neveah is like soooooooooooo10 minutes ago...I can remember 10 years ago that name being's not's tired and weird and sounds like a hair salon

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    Well ... uh ... yeah ...

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    I don't think Heaven is as bad, but I still find it tacky.
    Switching careers and becoming an RN! Sadly mommy plans will have to wait until that's done. Still loving names though!

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    I wouldn't.

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    Wink i like the name heaven,

    My personal thought on the name Heaven, i love it, loved it so much that 11 years ago i named my little girl, Heaven Trinity, at the time, never heard of anyone else with the name, now hear it fairly often,no I am not a rabid bible thumper, but i wanted a name you didnt hear, and one that was beautiful as she was, The night she was born, my mom went to a revival and when she walked in they were playing "how Beautiful Heaven must be," and my mom told them why yes she is.and yes her brother has a biblical name as well, Gabriel Christian,

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