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    Haven seems more useable in my opinion. I'm not a fan of word names, but this one has a bit of an attraction to me. I would think it would be okay in a middle spot. I personally wouldn't use it. I know someone named Heavenly and her last name is Meadow. Not a good combination in my opinion.
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    Both horrible. The name Heaven just say TRASHY to me.

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    Heaven reminds me of that creepy V.C. Andrews book. While I don't think it's as tacky as Nevaeh, I'd say they're neck and neck. Haven doesn't have the same creepy/tacky vibe to me though.

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    They're both horrible in different but equally bad ways.

    Nevaeh, objectively, doesn't sound all that bad- it's got that nice v sound in the middle, it's got the "aya" ending and the vowel-heavy structure that's very pleasing to the ears. However, it looks like a mess on paper and the concept of spelling a word backwards to make a name is ridiculous.
    Heaven, meanwhile, is a bit more upfront about what it is, and word/virtue/spiritual names are very common. However, Heaven has, in my opinion, an odd sound- it's Evan with an H- and the word itself sounds like it could have another meaning. I could easily imagine a stripper named Heaven. Plus, it ties a kid instantly with a philosophy that they may not agree with as adults (the idea of the Judeo-Christian afterlife.) An atheist named Heaven seems a bit odd. Nevaeh is a bit more subtle than that. People don't usually agree with me, but I find Haven and Eden just as tacky as Nevaeh and Heaven for similar reasons.

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    I think it is okay, not my style but it isn't as bad as Nevaeh. I do agree that it is a bit much on a girl and teenager. It isn't as bad as some names though.

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