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Thread: 12 Daughters!!!

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    Scarlett Anastasia Dawson
    Lettie is 17 years old, the eldest and the bossiest but also fun to be with and always cracking jokes.

    Helena Grace Aurora Dawson
    Ella is next at age 16. She enjoys spending time with her friends and having fun.

    Bonita Valentina Dawson
    Bonnie is baby girl number 3, aged 13. She is a lot quieter than her elder sisters, very studious and enjoys nothing more than a book.

    Callista Violetta Dawson
    Callie is 10 years old. She loves animals, especially horses.

    Eden Cassandra Dawson & Felicity Luciana Dawson
    Eden and Fliss are identical 6 year old twins. They are both mischievious and are always getting into trouble.

    Josephine Skye Dawson
    Josie is our little angel. She is 5 years old and the eye of the storm between her mischievious elder and younger twin sisters.

    Harriet Starr Dawson & Edwina Zoe Dawson
    Don't let the cuteness fool you. Hallie and Winn, aged 4, are full of trouble and are always teaming up with elder sisters Eden and Fliss to wreck havoc.

    Martina Jade Dawson
    Marti is 2 and a half. She is very quiet and is often the victim of elder sisters Hallie and Winn's pranks. She is looked out for by Josie and can often be seen drawing pictures with her.

    Roberta Jasmine Dawson
    Bobbie is a year old. She is often babied by her eldest sisters and is a target for the elder ones.

    Jacqueline Ariel Dawson
    Jack is our newest addition, only a few weeks old.

    Lettie (17), Ella (16), Bonnie (13), Callie (10), Eden (6), Fliss (6), Josie (5), Hallie (4), Winn (4), Marti (2.5), Bobbie (1), Jack (2 weeks)
    Lochlan Robert Alexander~Henry Peter Drennan (Harry)~Thackeray Noah Benjamin~James David Arthur(Jimmy)

    Samantha Anne Margot~Helena Darcy~Hanna Grace~Rachel Genevieve~Emily Faith~Sydney Marie~Kathleen Alice (Kay)

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