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Thread: 12 Daughters!!!

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    1. Delilah Anastasia
    2. Chloe Isabella
    3. Serena Liliana
    4. Willow Cecily
    5. Grace Cassandra
    6. Belle Angelina
    7. Alexandra Miranda
    8. Victoria Diamond
    9. Nicole Silver
    10. Olivia Skye
    11. Christine Starr
    12. Danielle Zoe

    Delilah is a complete tomboy, despite her girly name. She loves soccer, horseback riding, swimming, and jumping on her trampoline. She is outgoing and smart, and makes friends easily. She could be the popular girl in school, but she prefers to hang out with her group. She has brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, and she has a tall and slender figure. Her nails are always painted either pink or purple.

    Chloe is a child at heart. She always has the best kid's toys around, and always has the best dress. She's a ballerina, and she loves to sing. She enjoys keeping the community green by cleaning up litter every Friday along with her two best friends. She a Daddy's Girl, and prefers to hang out with him more than anyone else.

    Serena is very mature for her age. She likes scrapbooking, shopping, and designing. Her dream job is to be a clothes designer for young girls. She owns more scrapbooks than any other girl you know, and she goes to the mall with her friends every day after school. She's a total spender, once she gets money, off to the mall she goes!

    Willow likes to sew and craft things. She's very creative, and can think something off the spot. She can write stories about pirates sailing a ship to England, a princess who cares for her pet dragon, almost anything! She draws what she see's in the world. That's mountains, lakes, trees, and flowers. She enjoys hiking and photography.

    Grace is a very outdoorsie person. She is rarely caught indoors. She likes hiking, fishing, horseback riding, helping out at the neighbor's farm, rock collecting, bird watching, and she likes to look at the stars through a telescope with her constellation book on her lap. She likes to jump on the trampoline with Delilah, that's one of her most favorite things they do together!

    Belle loves baking and even makes up her own recipes! Mom always comes home to a fresh baked cake or a platter of cookies on the table, most of them eaten by her and her sisters. Belle is a total scholar, she loves learning. She ALWAYS does extra credit work every chance she gets, and aces all her tests. She studies as often as she could, and loves to make her mother proud!

    Alexandra is an animal's person! She adopts strays, and sometimes finds them good homes! She practically has a zoo in her bedroom! She likes to impress other people, and loves to make people laugh! She always has the best jokes and unsolvable riddles for anyone! She can come up with anything she wants, and it'll make the room crack up in laughter.

    Victoria is a fashion person. She always has the latest trends in her wardrobe, and invites her friends to the mall every chance she gets. The first show they go to is Justice, they sell the most sparkles! Her most favorite color in the world is sky blue. Almost all her clothes are that color! She's the boys girl, most of her friends are boys. She only has two close girl friends who she loves to shop with and have the most amazing sleepovers with!

    Nicole is a shy girl, very quiet. She whispers when she talks, and people can barely hear her. At school she doesn't talk to anyone except her close friend and her teachers when they call on her. She is mentally ill and has to go to a counselor at school every day. She likes her goldfish, Champ, and her favorite show is Spongebob Sqaurepants.

    Olivia is outgoing and bubbly! She is sweet and kind, and is easy to be friends with. Her friends always come to her with their troubles, and Olivia gives excelent advice! She loves playing basketball with her boy friends, and making fruit smoothies with her girl friends. There's not a single time when anybody is bored with Olivia! She always has something on her mind to do for fun!

    Christine is a computer whiz. She stays after school to help with the computers, and comes home to her own to work with. She works with scripting, and even created a few websites of her own, and has her own iPhone app! She loves gaming with her online friends, and goes online every day to talk to them.

    Danielle is a small girl, quiet, but totally talkative when she's around her one best friend. She's funny when she tries, but usually has a low sense of humor. She loves playing the violin, and competing in running contests. She always comes in 1-3 place. She tries to be nice, but it's hard sometimes when she's around the person she doesn't like.

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