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    Middle name help

    I am having a difficult time deciding on a middle name, so if you could please share your opinions on these:

    Eleanor Violet
    Eleanor Alice
    Eleanor Victoria
    Eleanor Margaret
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    Eleanor Alice is my favorite. It has a nice flow and sounds good. Eleanor Violet is my second choice. I like the name Violet a lot so this is probably why it's my second favorite. I have never been a fan of the name Victoria, and Eleanor Margaret is just kind of boring to me.

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    I like Eleanor Violet best! Eleanor Margaret/Victoria seem to heavy - maybe the extra syllables.

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    I think Eleanor Violet is my favorite, followed by Eleanor Victoria. I wouldn't say Eleanor Margaret is boring, but you could go with a little more exciting middle name (Violet and Victoria fit that bill). Eleanor Alice is quite nice too, but it's sound seems a little odd to me. Maybe it's the two 'vowel-followed-by-an-L' sounds in the same spot in both names.
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    I like the first two. Eleanor Victoria is a lot of name, esp. with the heavy "or" sound in both. Eleanor Margaret seems a bit prim. Eleanor Violet mixes things up a little, combining the stately first with a spunkier middle. And I most prefer Eleanor Alice: it's a tad shorter, Alice is young and a little whimsical, and I like how the vowel at the start of Alice allows Eleanor to flow into the next name better.

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