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Thread: Violet June

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    Violet June

    I'm looking for suggestions for double barrel names that are a bit uncommon

    I like Violet June but im not sure it flows that well,

    I also like Tigerlily but as one word.

    any feedback or suggestions?

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    While I think you can put almost anything you like in the middle, Tigerlily is too Peter Pan character to be up front (IMO). It feels like a little too much, and I confess that as one word, it looks a little smushed to me. I think that Calla Lily is a slightly easier flower name to bear, maybe because Calla/Callie seems like an easier nickname than Tiger.

    And I love the vintage vibe of Violet June, but you're right: there's something about the flow... Coming from an area that frequently uses double names, I've noticed double names frequently have the first name end in a vowel like -a or -y because vowels open into the next sound. I might try a name that ends in a vowel. Also, about Violet June, I know that violets are flowers, but being an adjective and then having a proper noun come next, this name feels too much like a description to me: a violet June night sky. I know it's not as descriptive as Violet River or something, but I still hear/see it.

    Maybe these would work instead?
    Viola June (super similar)
    Willa June - love
    Vera June
    Lola Fleur
    Stella Pearl - also love
    Bryony June
    Lily June
    Calla May
    Ivy Quinn
    Louisa Belle
    Flora Lark
    Hattie Wren

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    I completely agree with everything ellenelle said! I think something like Viola June flows much better, while staying very close to the names you like. I'm not a fan of Tigerlily at all. It's too much for me.

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