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  • Emmy

    17 30.91%
  • Gracie

    5 9.09%
  • Sadie

    18 32.73%
  • Maisie

    15 27.27%
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    I love Emmy, I think it's much fresher tham Emma or Emily. And Emmy Rossum is a perfect example that it can actually work as a name, not just a nickname
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    Maisie might be my favorite out of all of those, but I voted for Sadie because not only do I like it, but it seems the most like a legitimate name. The others seem too much like nick-names for me.

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    Sadie! I absolutely love this name, it's so gorgeous and cute. I love Emmy too.

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    Erm, I voted Gracie. I think it's mainly because I adore Grace so much, but I really love Emmy, too. If the nn is going to be her full name, I would change my vote to Sadie in a heartbeat, though--I think it can stand on its own so much better than Emmy, Gracie, or Maisie could.

    I really love all your options, though!
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    I don't think the nn will be her full name...these are just our favorite's at the moment. This might sound very odd, but we usually choose the nn and then find the full name we like best. For twin girls our favorites at the moment are:

    Isadora nn Sadie
    Emmeline nn Emmy OR Gemma nn Emmy
    Grace nn Gracie (Seems slightly plain compared to the others but I hate all of the graclyn, graycen names, something classic is always best i figure)
    We can't find a full name for Maisie that we like.

    Oh and Genevieve nn Evie is also high on the list.

    Do you think they go with Teddy, Max and Gus?

    Thanks for the replys guys x
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