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  • Emmy

    17 30.91%
  • Gracie

    5 9.09%
  • Sadie

    18 32.73%
  • Maisie

    15 27.27%
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    NN Names...favorite of these four?

    Just a general question, out of these four whats your favorite? Please don't take popularity into consideration, just answer what sounds the best!
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    Sadie! I love it.

    Maisie is too cutesy, and the other two are a little tired.

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    Sadie. Love it.
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    I never hear it except on old ladies but I also think of Daisy-Head Mayzie. So it's a nn that will grow with her
    Sadie is 100% grandma to me and Emmy & Gracie are too kiddie

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    It's the only one I could see using. I can't abide Gracie though Grace is okay. I like Sadie less than I like Sally or Susie. Maisie is okay, I guess I could see Maisie as a nickname for something. Emmy moreso.

    But it would be short for something, I wouldn't use it standalone as a first name. However, it is adorable.

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