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    United Bates of Names?

    I saw article about this family. Like the Duggars, they have a lot of kids and are getting a reality show. These are the kids names according to Wikipedia and I just wanted to know what you berries think of their names Are they better than the Duggar's names? Do you have a favorite? Thanks!
    1 Zachary "Zach" Gilvin
    2 Michael Christan
    3 Erin Elise
    4 William Lawson
    5 Kenneth Nathaniel "Nathan"
    6 Alyssa Joy
    7 Tori Layne
    8 Trace Whitfield
    9 Carlin Brianne
    10 Josie Kellyn
    11 Katie Grace
    12 Jackson Ezekiel
    13 Warden Justice
    14 Isaiah Courage
    15 Addallee Hope
    16 Ellie Bridget
    17 Callie-Anna Rose
    18 Judson Wyatt
    19 Jeb Colton

    I like some of them, others not so much. My favorite though has to be Jeb Colton-not so common, masculine, and has a simultaneous cool guy and cowboy feel <3
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    I really like Carlin Brianne. It's different yet pretty.
    I also have a soft spot for Judson Wyatt.
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    8 Trace Whitfield << I love Whitfield
    13 Warden Justice << interesting play on words
    18 Judson Wyatt << My favorite!!!

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    I like Judson Wyatt a lot, and agree with you on Jeb Colton, it's a total cool guy name, though I wish Jeb was short for something. Ellie Bridget is cute. Is it weird that I like Callie-Anna Rose? It sounds totally cowgirl, but adorable at the same time, however I cannot see it working on anyone older than 7.
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    I love Judson Wyatt!!

    Just seen Jackson Ezekiel too, that's lovely.
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