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    I love Judson and Jeb!
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    These parents are much better at naming than Jim Bob and Michelle. I really like these:

    William Lawson
    Trace Whitfield
    Jackson Ezekiel
    Warden Justice
    Isaiah Courage
    Judson Wyatt
    Jeb Colton

    Isaiah Courage is definitely my favorite.
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    My name is Alyssa Joy. I like:

    Judson( is on my list)
    William Lawson
    I kind of like Addallee, but not that spelling.
    I also think Callie-Anna is cute
    Tori Layne(is this a boy or girl? I've heard both names on both)
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    It's so cool seeing what big families name their children because often it doesn't fit into a "sib-set" mold at all. I like these names much better than the Duggar's names...mostly because they don't all start with the same letter. My favorites are Isaiah Courage (my fav!), William Lawson, Judson Wyatt, Jeb Colton, and Ellie Bridget. The parents definitely got braver with names as they went along.

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    I like Ellie Bridget, but the spelling of Addallee just makes me cringe!

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