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Thread: Miriam

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    I love this name. I think it's a great choice.

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    I like Miriam, but I love Mim! So, if I had a Miriam she would always be Mim until she outgrew it. Miriam is more professional sounding. I have a hard time picturing it on a child.

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    I like Miriam! I picture a sweet, serious, smart girl with lots of imagination.
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    I have fallen in love with Miriam with the nn Miri/Mira. The reason I fell in love with it was actually because I met this lovely girl when I was looking for a new church to attend. As a general rule at this particular church people weren't welcoming; but Miriam made me feel at ease.

    So I picture Miriam as having medium brown hair, kind of auburn-ish, Chestnut brown eyes, a gorgeous smile and a semi-European kind of face. I picture her personality is being loving, supportive and a woman of God.
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