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    Nicknames for Elizabeth?

    I love the names Eliza and Bess/Bessie. I was wondering if I should name my daughter Elizabeth and call her one of the two nicknames or name her Eliza or Bess/Bessie? What are your thoughts? Due September 16th!! Thank you for your help Xx

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    If you plan on calling her just Eliza, then I would go for just Eliza. It's a full name in its own right, a legitimate variant just like Lillian, Isabelle, or Elise. However, Bess/Bessie is just too nicknamey. Besides, if you want to call her both Eliza and Bess, then I would opt for Elizabeth so you have that fuller connection to both nicknames. If you're not sure which you like best, I would go for Elizabeth, too--that way, she could grow into whatever nn suits her best.

    Is your heart with Elizabeth, or with its nicknames/Eliza? I think that'll help you reach your answer.
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    Liz or Lizzy works too.

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    With I'd go with either Eliza; or Elizabeth and call her Bess.

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