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    I say ZAN-thee but I think you can say Zan-tha. One of my favourites, I also like Xanthia. (Zan-thee-a).

    Xanthe Artemis is nice, but I would prefer Xanthe Artemisia.
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    I pronounce ex-an-thuh, but recently learned that the "proper greek way" is zan-thee

    Personally I would avoid it since she'll have so many pronunciation problems....

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    You might hate me for this but I will bring some honesty to the table. If you have to ask how it is pronounced than nobody after your daughter is born will know how to pronounce it either. Most people will say it wrong and never spell it correctly if you don't care then go for it. Good luck and I mean that genuinely and if you decide to name her that then it will be perfect !

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    Met a couple (its more popular... not that it IS popular... in UK/Commonwealths than the US as far as I can tell) and one Xanthia. The Xanthia is zan-thee-ah, the Xanthes are zan-thees.

    Like Chloe, Phoebe, etc.

    Xanthe Artemis is interesting, but I like Xanthe much more than I like Artemis.

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