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    How do you pronounce Xanthe?

    I've heard quite a few different pronunciations and now I am a bit confused on how it's supposed to be pronounced. I am considering it for my little girl but I need to know how to pronounce it first. My husband and I have been pronouncing it zan-tha. Most of our family members and friends say zanth. And the rest say it zan-thee.

    So how do you pronounce Xanthe?

    PS: How does Xanthe Artemis sound to you?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love it! I say it ZAN-thee. Most Greek names that end in a single "E" usually have the long "EE" sound (Persephone, Daphne, Phoebe, Xanthe, Ariadne, Penelope, etc.). Xanthe Artemis is intriguing. I have to say I like a lot of other mythology names above Artemis, personally, though.
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    I believe it's pronounced zan-tha, but I prefer zan-thee.

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    You & your husband are correct. It's pronounced zan-tha. It's beautiful! I hope you choose it!

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    I pronounce it ZAN-thee, for the same reasons ashthedreamer listed. As for Xanthe Artemis - I would consider a slightly more classic middle to go with the unusual first.

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