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    I know 5 Clara's it is very popular here for girls 5 and under around a matter of fact I my Clayre is the only little Claire around and she is called Clara all the time. I love both!! I like Clara best on your list We know 3 babies under one named Hazel, one Beatrice, and 2 baby Fionas. Best of luck to you!! They are all beautiful names!

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    I know one Clara who is 4 years old but no Claires.

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    I know an 18-month-old Clara.

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    I don't know any Clara's but I think of the girl in the Nutcracker. Sometimes I called a friend Clara as a joke from when we were in the Nutcracker together years ago. I love the name!
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    I know one little Clara; it's a lovely name. I also ADORE Fiona - so gorgeous.

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