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  • Annika (ahn-ick-uh)

    31 44.93%
  • Marta

    20 28.99%
  • Sonja (long "o" sound, sone-yuh)

    18 26.09%
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    Annika - easily! It fits in perfectly with Greta and Elsa!
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    Annika is absolutely gorgeous. I like Sonja too, especially with that spelling. Either way, her name will probably be mispronounced often if you live in the US. She's likely to hear "Ah-NEE-ka" or "Sahn-ja" sometimes. I think the names are nice enough that it's okay!
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    I voted for Sonja, but I don't see it as glamorous as Greta or Elsa. How about Inga?

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    I love Sonja! It's very beautiful. I think it fits very well with Greta and Elsa, they're all vintage and pretty! I like Marta and Annika too, though, Sonja just feels more special to me, and I like the royal vibe.

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    Marta is fabulous! So are Greta and Elsa, you have a great naming style.
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