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  • Annika (ahn-ick-uh)

    31 44.93%
  • Marta

    20 28.99%
  • Sonja (long "o" sound, sone-yuh)

    18 26.09%
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    Greta, Elsa and Sonja. The "o" in Sonja just throws something nice and new in the mix in a way the other two options don't, but it still is related to the first two.

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    I like Sonja the best...especially with my American accent. Marta is lovely with my husband's Russian accent, but I dislike the way I think most would say it- Mar-duh. Annika is also pretty with your pronunciation, but I would say Uh-neek-uh if I read it off of a sheet.

    Sonja is gorgeous & familiar.

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    I picked Annika I think it's really pretty!
    Expecting baby #1 October 2017 ❤

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    1 Sonja - I love this name with Greta and Elsa. It just seems like a "natural fit".
    2 Marta - Has the same vintage vibe as the two girls
    3 Annika - a nice enough name but for me it's a little too contemporary with Greta and Elsa. It also has three syllables.
    All the best,

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    Thank you for all of your votes and comments!
    Mischa, the points you made are an example of why I am so torn.....especially with Annika. I love the name and think it would fit well in our family, but it is lacking the vintage vibe that I love about Greta and Elsa.

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