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    I do like Eloise, but I'm a little turned off because I feel like it's a bit trendy now and I definitely don't want to end up with another Elle. Especially because with our last name (which I don't care if you guys know but yes, don't want our future baby's name on the internet so naysayers of our names can research our name debate!) Elle would be the character from Legally Blonde...and I feel there are a ton of namers trying to get the Elle/Ella nickname.

    But maybe those are silly reasons and the name isn't as trendy as I think it is? I just see it flying up the charts (as it has been doing for the last few years!) I know it's still pretty obscure at #449 but it's heading up quickly....

    Thanks for all the Wilhelmina love. I think the name sounds pretty light for a baby, as long as you're not looking at it spelled! And I just love Willa so much. Louisa is also great...I think the new excitement over Wilhelmina/Willa is just overshadowing it temporarily. I would love to have two names I adored to choose between when the baby is born!

    Other names we were considering were Beatrice/Beatrix...but a friend of mine (who I feel understands our style) said those names just sound so hard, especially Beatrix....opinions?

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