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    Quote Originally Posted by leonielee View Post
    I love the name Wilhelmina personally, however I think it's a big name for a little girl to carry. I think it's one of those names that is great and fun in theory, but one I'm not sure a whole lot of kids could really pull off. And if your kid ends up one of those kids that can't, well...

    Louisa is lovely and much easier to live with. Plus, how adorable is Lou or Lula Belle as a nn for a child?

    Theodore Russell is handsome and distinguished. Love it!
    I don't think it's heavy since she plans on calling her Willa.... it would only be heavy if they plan to call her Wilhelmina all the time

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    And the alliteration of Wilhelmina or Willa with a W last name? Rhymes with goods...

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    Louisa Marguerite is the way to go!

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    Theodore Russell--Adorable! I absolutely love that name and the nickname Theo! It works well for all ages, he could go by Theo as a kid and Theodore as an adult. And Russell is fine as well.

    Louisa Marguerite--I'm not as big a fan of the name Louisa, but the nicknames Lou or Lulu are cute. Have you thought about the Scandinavian version, Lovisa? I absolutely adore Marguerite, though! It's one of my favorites!

    Wilhelmina Mae--I love this name! Willa is an adorable nickname and Rae has always been one of my favorite mn options. I like this a little better than Louisa Marguerite, but I like the other name as well
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    All your names are lovely! Theodore and Wilhelmina are two of my favourites and I love the NN Minnie (Willa is great too).

    Wilhelmina Mae is nice, what about

    Wilhelmina Daisy
    Wilhelmina Pearl
    Wilhelmina Delphine
    Wilhelmina Opal
    Wilhelmina Faye
    Wilhelmina Violet

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