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    I love the name Wilhelmina personally, however I think it's a big name for a little girl to carry. I think it's one of those names that is great and fun in theory, but one I'm not sure a whole lot of kids could really pull off. And if your kid ends up one of those kids that can't, well...

    Louisa is lovely and much easier to live with. Plus, how adorable is Lou or Lula Belle as a nn for a child?

    Theodore Russell is handsome and distinguished. Love it!
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    I really like Theodore Russell. It's strong and has good nn potential -especially with Theo.

    Louisa and Wilhelmina both sound old to me. I'd have a hard time giving these names to a baby girl. Your nns work well though -Lulu & Willa Mae are cute and spunky. Although, as a previous poster mentioned, Willa would sound too matchy with a 1 syllable W- family name. Although I really like the mn Mae, it seems a bit odd to name a December born baby "May". Other short names that would fit with Wilhelmina might be Joy, Kate, Hope...

    Joy might be very appropriate and meaningful since I'm sure that your new baby will bring much joy to your entire family. Plus -she will be born in the holiday season

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    Thanks for the honesty! I love the sound of Wilhelmina and I don't think it's TOO overwhelming, (though it IS a four syllable name) but I do see how the spelling is an eyeful. But DH and I are both totally against spelling it Willamina - we refuse to be "yoonik". We both (and the select family members we've told) LOVE the nickname Willa/Willa Mae. We just don't want to give the nickname Willa as the full name.
    My friend says Wilhelmina is very unexpected, but has the charm of another name that was on our list - Eloise. She says it sounds like it could be the adorable name of a charming storybook character and I agree....and as far as pulling it off...i guess I just assume our daughter would be able to pull it off. (Maybe foolishly...) And I feel like Wilhelmina/Willa is not as far fetched as so many of the made up names I hear all the time....

    hmmm...Do other people think theres a problem with giving a december baby the middle name Mae? That never occurred to me.

    Consultantmeghan- Thanks for bringing up the R in theodore running into the R is Russell. I hadn't thought of that. I don't think it's a deal breaker but it is definitely something to be aware of when we're choosing...

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    I love Theodore Russel- it's great. And I think Wilhelmina Mae is just as good. Yes, it's lengthy, but it's a strong, classic, and royal name. And there are plenty of nicknames, like Willa, Billie, Mina, Willie, ect.

    I think it's fine to have Mae as the middle name of a December baby. It's pretty, and it goes well with Wilhelmina.
    Hope that helps! You have good taste!

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    I think all your options are great honestly I vote for Wilhelmina Mae.

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