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    Honest thoughts on Wilhelmina Mae vs Louisa Marguerite and Theodore Russell for a boy

    We want honest opinions so lay it on me!

    We are expecting a baby in December (team green). If it's a boy we already have a boys name we are pretty set on: Theodore Russell nn Theo. (I love "Theo" and Russell is my father's name. Russell is not really style but there is no one else we'd rather honor.) Do you love it? Hate it?

    If it's a girl, we are still undecided but the current front runners are:

    Louisa Marguerite (possible nn LuLu. Marguerite is a family name.)
    Wilhelmina Mae (definite nn Willa. Mae is not a family name.)

    I'm generally opposed to filler middle names, but have grown to love Wilhelmina nn Willa and Mae is the only thing I've found that works. And I would love calling a little girl Willa Mae too. Any suggestions? Our last name is one syllable starting with W. I think the alliteration works in this case...what do you think?

    I know these names aren't everyone's style and there are definitely going to be family members who HATE all of these names. Please tell me your honest opinions so we can get an idea of the flack we'll encounter from our family after baby is born!

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    Theodore Russell - I adore both Theodore and Theo! I think the "r" sound that ends Theodore runs into the "r" sound that begins Russell. Still, it's a handsome combo, especially since Russell is an honoring name.

    Louisa Marguerite - Pretty. I like Louisa a lot. This is my favorite of your two potential girl names.
    Wilhelmina Mae - Not a fan, sorry. Wilhelmina is a mouthful, in my opinion. It reminds me of the mean lady from Ugly Betty. Willa, on the other hand, is very sweet. Why not just go with Willa Mae? Or Willa with another middle name, if you think it's too short. However, if your last name is one syllable and starts with W, it might sound a bit sing-songy with Willa.

    In which case, Theodore Russell and Louisa Marguerite are my favorites!
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    I really love Wilhelmina Mae <3 Mae is actually my mother's middle name And Willa Mae sounds gorgeous!

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    I like Louisa more that Wilhelmina.
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    I love Wilhelmina Mae!

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