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    My son has a Beatrix in his class. At first I wan't a fan of it, but now I like it! (Most of the kids call her "B") I think it sounds and looks more modern than Beatrice. I like it with the middle name Sophia. Good luck making a decision!

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    I like Beatrix.
    I've never liked the name Beatrice.
    But I absolutely LOVE Beatrix Thalia.
    Best of luck.

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    I like Beatrix a lot more than Beatrice. Beatrice sounds more old lady, even though I do like old lady names. Beatrix is just more kicky. However, I think Beatrix is more trendy, but then again, that could just be from overuse of nameberry!

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    I much prefer me, Beatrix is trying way too hard, and makes me think of Bellatrix from Harry Potter...and, Beatrix with two middle names would be too much for me. I like Beatrice Sophia Kate.
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    I love both. Beatrix puts me in mind of Ms. Potter and her books while Beatrice is Shakespeare's snappy heroine from Much Ado About Nothing. Beatrix feels more youthful and spunky while Beatrice more mature and elegant (with a little feistiness thrown in). I don't really get a strong first vs. middle vibe from either one; both work in either place for me.

    My only real advice (since I'm clearly torn on the above point) is that I wouldn't follow either with Sophia since the S at the end of either version slides into the start of Sophia (esp. Beatrice which doesn't have that kick of "x" to finish its sound and differentiate it a little from the next "s" sound, if that makes sense...). Thalia and Violet are both beautiful and more unusual.

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