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    Feb 2011
    I prefer Branwen over Bronwen, I just think the meaning of Branwen is a bit more special (white crow as opposed to white-breasted).
    Happy naming xx

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    I really like Branwen and don't hear it as masculine particularly? No more than Vivien or Imogen, it's just not frilly.

    Not as fond of Bronwen. I do like Gwyneira and just simple little Gwen.

    I would use them as a first name if I could, but with our last initial B names are probably best pushed to the middle. Branwen is one I quite like, along with Bryony.

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    Definitely Bronwen. I also like it spelled Bronwyn. The meaning doesn't really matter—a lot of people don't even know or care about the meaning of their own name.

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    I love love LOVE Branwen! Though Bronwen is a close second!

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    I much prefer Bronwen (this spelling).

    I care a lot more about sound than meaning, personally, and I agree with the poster above who said Branwen sounds a bit whiny. Actually, to me it sounds like 'Bronwen' mispronounced with a whine, but I think that's because I'm a lot more used to hearing Bronwen.

    I prefer Anwen to either of them, though.

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