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    Need sister name for flora Jane

    Hi all need help baby sister born Sunday and not yet named. Here are my top picks
    Beatrice Cordelia
    Beatrice Alexandra
    Anna Eliza
    Eliza Alexandra
    Open to suggestions!

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    Beatrice Cordelia - flows better than Beatrice Alexandra
    Beatrice Alexandra - see above
    Anna Eliza - spunky yet traditional
    Eliza Alexandra - seems to slide together into Elizalexandra.

    I like Beatrice Cordelia, especially since Beatrice appears on your list twice. Beatrice is also more of a dated classic, similiar to Flora, as opposed to the timeless Anna and the more-modern sounding Eliza.
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    Have you considered Eliza Beatrice?

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    I'd use Beatrice Cordelia, Beatrice and Flora sound like perfect sisters.

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    I really like the sound of Beatrice with Flora. I like Beatrice Alexandra best.

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