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    Post Name your baby QUIZ!

    OK, so I've enjoyed making these but never seem to have the time, and I know a lot of you enjoy doing them. So here's my second name your baby quiz. Hope you enjoy and have fun!

    To pick your daughter's first name, choose an animal you wish you could have as a pet.

    Horse- Rebecca
    Cat- Holly
    Dog- Matilda
    Hamster- Cecily
    Tortoise- Freya
    Fish- Jasmine
    Snake- Tabitha
    Other- Zinnia

    To pick your daughter's middle name, choose a sport you'd like to win a gold medal in.

    Swimming- Jane
    Running- Iris
    Gymnastics- Erin
    Sailing- Kate
    Javelin- Natalia
    Tennis- Eve
    Cycling- Lenore
    Volley ball- Marie
    Diving- Tess
    Other- Rose

    Daughter #1=

    To pick a first name for your son, choose your favourite hobby.

    Reading- Joseph
    Sports- Augustus
    Shopping- Bradley
    Writing- Frederick
    Baking- Sebastian
    Collecting something- Callum
    Singing/Acting- Gareth
    Other- Lucas

    To pick a middle name for your son, choose your perfect holiday.

    A relaxing beach holiday- Gabriel
    A skiing holiday in the Alps- Marc
    A sight-seeing cruise holiday- James
    A wild, partying holiday with your friends- Nathaniel
    A safari holiday in Africa- Cole
    A city break- John
    Other- Lloyd

    Son #1=

    To choose a first name for your daughter, choose what hair and eye colour combo you have.

    Blonde hair & blue/grey eyes- Felicity
    Blonde hair & Brown/hazel/green eyes- Eleanor
    Red hair & blue/grey eyes- Marissa
    Red hair & brown/hazel/green eyes- Lucy
    Brown hair & blue/grey eyes- Bryony
    Brown hair & brown/hazel/green eyes- Cordelia
    Black hair & brown/hazel/green eyes- Carys
    Black hair & blue/grey eyes- Elodie
    Other- Abigail

    To find out your daughter's middle name, choose your favourite snack.

    Fruit- Ava
    Chocolate- Wren
    Crisps/Chips- Harper
    Cake- Grace
    Chips/Fries- Ann
    Nuts- Alice
    Other- Keira

    Daughter #2=

    To pick your sons first name, take the letter of your last name.

    A-D- Christopher
    E-I- Joshua
    J-N- Harrison
    O-R- Edward
    S-V- Maximus
    W-Z- Henry

    To pick your sons middle name, choose the genre of movies you like.

    Romantic- Jude
    Comedy- Neil
    Horror- Ross
    Sci-Fi- Owen
    Musical- George
    Adventure- Hugh
    Other- Oliver

    Son #2-

    Hope you enjoyed!
    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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    anne teresa. 20.
    bibliophile & anglophile.
    "if you'll only call me anne spelled with an e i shall try to reconcile myself to not being called cordelia." -anne of green gables

    Eliza Magdalene | Beatrice Mercy | Lucy Katherine
    Eleanor Felicity | Vivian Althea | Adeline Fiona
    Lewis Eliot Gray | James August | Alexander Lincoln
    Ezra Dietrich | Peter Gabriel | Henry Benjamin

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    Daughter # 1: Holly Rose

    Son #1: Frederick Cole

    Daughter #2: Cordelia Ava

    Son #2: Christopher Oliver
    Currently loving:

    Tristan, Bennett, Flynn, Fox

    Georgia, Isla, Marin, Juliet

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    Daughter # 1 - Cecily Iris

    Son # 1 - Joseph Lloyd

    Daughter # 2 - Abigail Harper

    Son # 2 - Joshua Ross
    Lyra, Evadne, Juliet, Luna, Guinevere

    Rowan, Dorian, Jasper, Lucian, Eden

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    Daughter #1: Rebecca Erin

    Son #1: Frederick John

    Daughter #2: Cordelia Wren

    Son #2: Christopher Ross

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