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    Adysinne. I absolutely abhor it.
    Just a lonely teenager creating a life through characters. Budding author and future failure. I despise the idiots. The nameless berry.



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    Bryyn, pronounced Bryan. I don't even understand it. But I remember the oh-so many time when a teacher said it for the first time and would call him Bryn. Poor kid.

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    Oh, and JHeremy. The capital H is part of the legal spelling. For no reason whatsoever.

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    Western Australia
    Meaghan (Megan)
    Erryn (Erin)
    Teleah (Talia)
    Chenaye (Shenae)
    Allanah (Alana)
    Alycia (Alicia)- although this is pronounced A-lee-ce-a
    Alysia (Alicia)- A-lee-sha
    Lillie (Lily)
    Elyce (Elise)
    Caylah (Kayla)
    Chenelle (Chanel)
    Aneeka- I think is a variant of Annika
    Natassha (Natasha)
    Myles (Miles)
    Jaidyn (Jayden)- He's a year older then me not a baby just for the record
    Marli (Marley)
    Tarni (Tahnee)
    Sharnee (Sharni)
    Georgana (Georgiana)
    Mikaella (Michaela)
    Shamaya- Sha-my-ah

    Some of these are mutual fb friends the rest are from a magazine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clover View Post
    Kibby - I followed your link and found a few more:

    ... sorry can't do it anymore. I started to do a search on the letter y and now I'm just depressed. Any name that could possibly have a y substituted for an e or i or o has been done. So for those out there that think you're being creative, you're really not!

    A search for z brings up similar "names":



    ...okay, I've had enough of the z's, too.
    Jozef and Jozsef and Lukasz are not made up or kreativ spellings. They are actually Eastern European spellings that have been round for hundreds of years - since the 1500's or even earlier.
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