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    Do these names work together?

    My husband and I have (I think) decided on names for a future daughter and son, but I'm wanting some other opinions on the names. We are TTC and want to have names ready for both. The names we have chosen are Clara Jane and Brooks Ellington. Clara Jane would go by both names; Brooks would go by only Brooks. I know the middle names differ in length, but we still think they work well together. What do y'all think? We're from the South (as you can probably tell), so double names are common! Thanks!!!

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    I really like Clara Jane. Brooks Ellington is ok, but the flow doesn't feel quite right. Personally I'd keep Brooks & find another MN.
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    What do you all think about Clara Jane and Brooks Lucas instead? Lucas is my husband's middle name and we both really like it too.

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    I love both gender names. Clara Jane makes me imagine a blend of sweet honey, flower perfume and a touch of rich chocolate.
    I am envious that I do not live in the South where double names are common, but not all these names appeal as Clara Jane does.
    Despite my riotous imagination I think the name is in exquisite taste -not too much, but not not sounding like 'typical southern.'
    For a son Brooks Lucas is pretty near perfect. I think its a top boys name but we can't use it in the family as it's my sister's married surname.
    I was not going to comment on your post at all because the names do seem so good, no help is needed.
    Apologies @peachy mum I do agree that Ellington could be improved and so we have Lucas.
    Best wishes OP I hope you get to use goth these gems.
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    For me Clara Jane brings up an image of a sweet little Girl sitting on her front porch swing seat with ribbons in her plaits and a tender heart of pure Gold!

    Brooks Ellington sounds like a guitar playing, Cowboy hat wearing Country and Western Megastar! Super cool but a genuinely nice Guy who is nicely grounded despite his fame.

    The thing is that both Name Combinations work perfectly individually so is it really essential that they match each other? Only you and your Husband can decide on that! Funnily enough, Clara and Lucas are one of my all time favourite Siblings Combinations and two of my very favourite Names, but I would be really sad if you messed up the awesome combination of Brooks Ellington and I can't bear the thought of you not using Clara Jane! All the very best deciding!

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