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    These hurt my eyes! I understand a different spelling in it's due to cultural or religious (Jadon is actually a biblical name, it's gotten popular by multiple other spellings now) stuff. But if that's not why, I don't get it! It doesn't make the name different, it makes it worse for anyone with that name, whether it's spelled correctly or not!!!

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    The last few years' -Ay-den rhyming names and various spellings are quite hackneyed and borderline annoying. Names like Jaden, Jadon, Aiden, Ayden, Aydon, Hayden, Braden, Trayden, and so on. Imagine the "Ay-den" "bubble" that will be progressing through elementary schools over the next few years. But, if parents want to use a faddish name, at least they should use a standard spelling.

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    I was looking through the class lists at my daughters school...Payshunze (I assume this is supposed to be Patience) took the cake.
    There is also a Kytt (prn Kit) and Evilynn (why would put the word Evil in your daughters name?) and Cyleena (blech).
    I know an Abagale...which okay...can be spelled worse...but all I see is a bag ale. Abbie has a sister named Annale'a (prn Anna Leah) *cringe*.
    She has a boy on her soccer team name Rylei.....

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    Daphney isn't a new spelling though, Daphney Hlomuka was a famous actress, if you google it plenty of Daphney's will come up and most of them are at least 20. That being said I don't care for the spelling but I'm not a fan of the name.
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    Filip, Kacper, Szymon & Lukasz are the Polish equivalent of Phillip, Casper, Simon and Lucas. They are not misspelled names.

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