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    How would you picture an Astrid?

    Hiya berries

    Back with a minor name-change dilemma! I've been thinking about Astrid lately, and I really love it, but I'm a little worried I don't "look the part". I'm part European and part Asian, but look predominately as though somebody's smooshed America Fererra & Jenna Ushkowitz together, added a dash of Penelope Cruz, then aged that combo down to a teenager.

    So the question is, would you expect an Astrid to be a tall blonde Scandinavian-Viking-type girl, or could you see her being a short brunette bookworm?

    Fun fact: America Fererra was the voice of Astrid in How To Train Your Dragon!

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    Astrid doesn't have to be little miss Nordica. I think it would suit a bookish brunette equally well.
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    I imagine an Astrid being exactly like Astrid from Fringe simply because that's the only Astrid I can think of. I really think that as long as you love the name and feel like you can own it, it will suit you perfectly!

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    I always picture Astrid to be brunette, average height.
    I think it could work on you just fine.
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    I can deffinetly see Astrid as a short book worm. It makes a bit more sense to me then the Uber Viking (since the only Astrid I know is a short brunette!)

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