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    Lightbulb Interesting Family Tree Finds

    My great grandmother passed away last week. She was 95 years old and lived a great life. She was a wonderful woman and will be missed.

    While attending her funeral, I got the opportunity to see lots of old family members and take a look at her family tree. I ran across some interesting names.

    Lucy Melvina (my great grandmother) - I adore Lucy. Melvina is probably after someone named Melvin, if I were guessing. Definitely "old school."
    James "Buster" (my great grandfather)

    Nellie (her mother) - I love Nellie, nn Nell. I'd like to use this some day.

    Hortense (one of her brothers) - Never heard this one before
    Ronald Francis (my grandfather) - My grandpa talked about the fact that everyone's middle name was usually to honor someone back in that time, whether it be a girl or a guy. His middle name is after one of his aunts.
    Essie (one of her sisters)
    Velma (another sister)
    Cleta (another sister)
    Herbert Hughes (a brother)
    Evelynn (sister)

    Joyce Clementine (my other great grandmother)

    Eveleen, goes by Evie
    Emil (my great grandmother's brother) - Pronounced A-mull. I'm really liking this for a boy. Evie and Emil are married and I love their names together.

    We also saw some interesting names at the cemetery:
    Lora Dora and Cora Ora (sisters) - What a mouthful. It's too much.
    Virgil (a girl) - I always thought this was a male name

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    First, I'm sorry for your loss.
    I think Lucy is a great name (it's what I go by most of the time)! Lucy and James are lovely together.
    Nellie (Nell) is sweet, too.
    I LOVE Hortense! I love Hortensia a lot, too. I didn't think Hortense was usable at all until a couple years ago and for a class I took in my 4th year of school, we read an ethnography by Hortense Powdermarker, and Hortense really struck me then.
    I also love Francis!
    Evelynn is really nice, and Essie is cute.
    While Clementine is not really my style, Joyce Clementine is charming.
    I love Emil, too!

    Oh wow, Lora Dora & Cora Ora? Intense!
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    EDD: 4/14/2018 It's a girl!

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    I'm very sorry for your loss.

    Buster is such a cool nickname. I like Nellie as a nickname for Helena and Essie as a nickname for Elisabeth. My great-grandfather's sister was named Essie Lee, which I think is adorable.

    My great-grandparents were going to name my grandmother Hortense after a nice lady they knew. They announced this to their other children (between ages 10-19 at the time), were told Hortense was a terrible name, and let my grand-aunt name my grandmother instead. Thus my grandmother became Linda instead of Hortense, and she is forever thankful to her sister for that.

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    I hope this isn't too off-topic. I love unearthing old family names. My dad ran into some of the most interesting while doing genealogy. I have around 5 ancestors with some derivative of the name Valentine; we found Volentine, Valentina, and many others in an old grave yard in West Virginia. Other interesting names include Americus and Marcus Aurelius after the emperor.

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    Thanks for the condolences everyone. She will be missed, but she had a great, long life.

    @ajenmie - I love looking at old names as well. Probably sounds creepy, but I love checking out names at the cemetery and looking at old family trees. There are some real hidden gem names out there! I like Americus a lot. Seems like it would fit right in with the Atticus and Atlas trend. Valentina is also a very pretty name.

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