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    I just want to add that I love alliterative names. They stand out in a good way. Ever notice how many super hero aliases are alliterative? Peter Parker, Clark Kent...

    Waylon Woolf is frkn amazing. What a fantastic name.
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    Samuel Garrison for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pam View Post
    I'm going to cast an official vote for Samuel Garrison, which slightly pains me as it is the safest (obviously) of the bunch. But it is a handsome name and really perfect with your last name. I think a boy named Sam or Samuel Woolf has his whole future opened up before him -- that name will take him far, and in whatever direction he wants to go.

    Now, Waylon Woolf is an undeniably cool name. Too cool? Does sound a bit like a 30s blues singer -- actually, there IS a blues singer named Howlin' Wolf:

    I'm going to nix Waylon on that basis, with regret.

    Layton gets a big thumbs down from me. Trendy, yes. Too much like Leighton as in Meester, yes. Ripe for teenage teasing, yes. Three strikes....

    You COULD do Samuel Waylon Woolf. Then if your boy really does grow up to be a rocker, he's got a stage name already set. And it'll make a good story.
    I would agree with all of this, good explanation.

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    I really like Samuel Garrison, a very handsome name.

    Waylon is nice as a stand alone, but with your last name it reminded me too much of Wailing Wolf.
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    No competition here. Definitely Samuel!

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