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Thread: Mermaid Names

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    Mermaid Names

    I am writing a story and I need names for some mermaids.

    1. The main meremaid was born in the 1500/1600. She was born in France so possibly a French style name. She is very rude and sarcastic. She wants to try and lead a normal human life.

    2. The head mermaid. She was born in 79AD in Italy. So maybe a Roman style name. She is very possesive and argumentive. She tries to control everything.

    3. This mermaid used to be one of 1.'s best friends. She is very kind spirited and patient. She was born in the 1700's and orginally from Spain. Name from region and time peried.

    4. The henchman. She is the 2.'s little pet that does whatever she is told. She obeys the rules and has the job of keeping the secret of mermaids. Born in 1078 in Germany. Name from that region and time period.

    5. The huntress. She was the one who had to go out and look for human sailors. Very harsh and sadistic. 92AD, Greece or Egypt. Name from region and time period.

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    Georgia Elizabeth
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    Due in January!

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    1. Delphine, Genevieve/Ginette, Vivienne, Guenièvre, Fleur, Estelle, Lucine, Louisa, Clemence, Claudie, Sylvie

    2. Antonia, Aurelia, Drusilla, Laurentia, Octavia, Tatiana, Varinia

    3. Maria Theresa, Rafaela, Fernanda, Luisa

    4. This one was very hard, there's nothing on names that far back. I got names as early as 1200s, Sophia, Cristina, Anges.

    5. I can't help you here.
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Would Melusine be too obvious? Famous European mermaid/siren myth. (please vote!)

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