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    I don't think they're dated. Ryan and Kyle seem like they have been used consistently for a long time. I like Neil too, it doesn't seem to have had as much popularity as the other names. I like all three but Kyle really is my favorite. I think it sounds great with Jack, I like that they both have the k sound in them.

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    I'm not crazy about any of those three names, but I don't think they're dated. Kyle isn't dated yet, so that's viable. Neil isn't too common so that keeps it from feeling overused. Ryan is boring to me.
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    Those names do seem a bit dated to me. They are nice but none of them seem to fit with Jack and Claire. Max may works but I agree it may be a little to close to big brother's name. I do like Ben though. Have you thought of a longer version yet? Jack, Claire and Benjamin? Bennett? Benedict? You have some nice options. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by watermellie View Post
    I know a bunch of Kyles- everywhere. I like Max a lot, but maybe it's a bit matchy-match with Jack? Same vowel sound there, but it's not too obvious. Also, Jack has 1 syllable, so maybe pick another 1 syllable name (bye-bye Kyle, Ryan)? Just some suggestions.
    I never heard it until my 5 year old Jack, said "Max sounds a little like Jack right Mom?" He wants to talk about the new baby's name every night! But its one of the few name DH and I both like and that I think stands up to the strength of Jack! I am not in love with either of Kyle, Neil or Ryan either but trying to keep an open mind.

    Any other suggestions? I am just not excited about any names.
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    Kyle, Ryan & Neil are dated, but in different ways.
    Ryan is really 80s to me. I went to high school with like, 20 Ryans in a school of 1000. Kyle is more early-90s. Neil is kind of 70s, and I guess the least dated because its decade quite a while ago and I don't think it was ever that popular (not as popular as Ryan or Kyle, as far as I've noticed)
    I really prefer both Max and ben to Ryan, Kyle and Neil.
    What about Reid (similar to Neil, but not dated at all, imo), Miles, Ian, Euan/ Ewan, or Adam?
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