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Thread: Name Change

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    Have you thought of calling her Lilla-Clare? Somehow that punches it up to the level of Vivienne and Penelope for me, but double names arent everyones cup of tea.

    Personally, I think I'd leave her name alone at 2, but if its bugging you that much, maybe consider some options to change her formal name. Better now than in a few years. I would find something that would still work for the nicknames Lilla and Lula and continue to call her by that name so it doesnt disrupt her sense of normalcy too much.

    Lillibet (love this with your other names actually)
    Lilliana (tagged the -a on so it doesnt rhyme with Vivienne)
    Lilith (okay some people might have issues with that one, but it's actually quite the guilty pleasure name for me)

    Good luck!

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    If you must change you child's name use Lila, Lillian, or Lily. o.o

    Why Tallulah? I'm definitely not a fan of it. The nickname "Lula" makes more sense for Talluah than Lilla.

    I see nothing wrong with Lilla though.

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