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Thread: Name Change

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    Name Change

    We currently have 2 lovely little girls, Lilla Clare Cook and Vivienne Grace Cook. We are currently ttc #3 and if she is a girl she will be Penelope Kate. I have started to feel like Lilla is more of a nickname or even worse, made up, and am considering renaming her. I was looking at Tallulah which I think fits her wonderfully and we could still use Lilla as a nickname. However if we renamed her Tallulah I don't really like the name Tallulah Clare Cook I was thinking maybe Tallulah Rose Cook. Is this too much name changing....for a 2 year general? I know my parents have always talked about changing my name and never did and I wish they would have. I don't want to do the same with my daughter. Thoughts?

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    Honestly, I think Tallulah with the nn Lilla is too much of a stretch. I also think the name Lilla is really cute and fine as a full first name. It doesn't sound made up to me at all. If your really uncomfortable with it you could try Lilia or Lila(h) which I think are pretty spunky.

    I know a few two year old's and I'm guessing Lilla knows her name and responds to it. I think it would be too much for her and for her older sister to go from a Lilla to a Tallulah. Plus keep in mind that Tallulah is a very unique name and it might give her a tough time in school and in life growing up with such a drastically different name. I think the name Lilla is so much prettier and easier to carry than the name Tallulah whilst still being unique and it goes better with sister Vivienne and possible future sister Penelope.

    Ultimately it's up to you. Both Lilla and Tallulah are nice names. But I'd strongly suggest keeping her Lilla Clare, it's beautiful! Tallulah is cute for a little girl but it is out there, especially in a world full of Sophias and Aidens. Trust me, I know a Tallula (spelled the Irish way) and its a difficult name to bear unless you're a real character!
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    I think two is too old for this. Her name isn't something that is teasable or unlivable.
    I think if you're set on it you should go for Lila or Lilly.
    Lilla for Tallulah is a stretch really.
    Honestly I would rather be called Lilla than Tallulah which is celeb-ish & a total mouthful destined to turn into Lou in school, not Lilla.
    Also consider getting a new sibling & a new name at the age of two. That's a lot emotionally. And are you making this huge decision for your daughter while pregnant? I urge you to at least wait.

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    Well, Lilla isn't made up, so there's that concern out the window
    At 2, I do think it's way too late to change her name. Honestly, your name tastes aren't going to stay the same and I think it's normal to maybe fall out of love with a name that you've used, but still love it for your child.
    If you wished your parents had changed your name, why didn't you just do it yourself? When Lilla is 18, she can change her name if she wants. She may not want to. As I see it, it's *her* name now. If she doesn't like it, she can change it. I was 7 years old when I started thinking about changing my name, 10 when I found *the* name and changed my name when I was 18 or 19 (I'd gone by Lucy since I was 10, though). I'm 25 now and don't hold a grudge against my parents. It's my name & my decision with how to use it in life.
    Kids at 2 know their own names, and it's not like a 2 year old is going to make the connection between Tallulah and Lilla. I don't think "it doesn't go with a potential future sister's name" is reason enough to change the name of a child who already identifies with her name. She should be the one to make the decision.
    I prefer Lilla over Tallulah by miles.
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    I wouldn't change it. A 2, she probably already knows and responds to Lilla. Changing her name and calling her Tallulah all of a sudden might really confuse her. And I think changing her name could give her a lost sense of identity when she gets older and comes to understand the name change.
    I say stick to Lilla. It's a gorgeous, uncommon name that's very dainty and sweet. I prefer much more than Tallulah.

    Good luck!
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