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    Need some help on foreign names, guys :)

    Okay, so I'm about to start writing a story about a girl (teenager, probably around fifteen), who starts a video-chatting website. The website becomes really popular around the world and she makes a lot of new friends-and enemies- from around the globe from video-chatting with all of them. I haven't gotten the plot entirely sorted out, but...yeah. I want your input on names for different characters. Any origin, I'm not very picky. French, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Scandanavian, Arabic, anything really. So...yeah. I just need some good ones
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    French: Camille, Delphine, Ariane, Fabienne, Simone, Véronique, Sandrine, Mireille, Isabelle, Aline, Clémence, Adèle, Amélie, Léa, Mathilde, Coralie (female) / Aurélien, Thierry, Etienne, Olivier, Maxime, Luc, Gilles, Julien, Pierre, Sébastien, Xavier, Rémy, Louis (male)

    Finnish: Tuuli, Sari, Annikki, Eeva, Lilja, Marjatta, Mirja, Hanna (female) / Paavo, Antti, Mikko (male)

    Chinese: Jun, Lian, Ling, Bo, Mei-Li (female) / Chen, Gan, Fai, Shen, Jin, Yu (male)

    Spanish: Carmen, Alejandra, Beatriz, Blanca, Carlota, Elena, Pilar, Paloma, Sancha, Esperanza, Francisca, Guadalupe, Isabel, Sofia, Lucia (female) / Armando, Rodrigo, Diego, Javier, Felipe, Jaime, Jorge, Elias, Enrique, Domingo, Antonio, Pedro, Pablo, Luis

    Japanese: Aiko, Hanako, Masako, Sakura, Masumi, Sachiko (female)/ Akira, Seiji, Makoto, Masahiro, Akemi, Kentaro (male)

    Scandinavian: Ingrid, Dagny, Thora, Greta, Freya/Freja, Linnea, Marit, Elsa, Liv, Britta, Bodil (female) / Lars, Sven, Nils, Harald, Leif, Ingemar, Haakon, Jesper, Gustaf, Jonas, Anders, Erik, Magnus, Peder (male)

    Arabic: Farida, Aisha, Khadija, Samira, Aziza, Hafsah, Faiza, Iman, Noor/Nur, Laila, Nazira (female) / Haroun, Ibrahim, Jibril, Khalil, Khalid, Hassan, Hussain, Hamza, Abdullah, Nadir, Omar, Tahir, Yusuf, Sulaiman
    All the best,

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    If you're still stumped, recommend They have an option to see all the names used in a particular country. Greece, Ireland, Russia, China, you name it. Even ancient Greek. My friend and I are co-writing something set in ancient Greece, and we just chose the "ancient greek" names and narrowed our search by gender and meaning.
    Sounds like a great story idea - good luck!
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    Thanks you guys for all the wonderful suggstions! So far, I've looked through popular names from different countries and two of the main characters at the moment are a Finnish girl named Emilia and a Latvian girl named Alise. They're not too exotic, but I will be using better ones later on. And thanks Jame for the website suggestion, I will check it out
    Girls; ♥ Caoimhe ♥ Senna ♥ Sanne ♥ Quinn ♥ Anniston ♥ Saoirse ♥ Beatrice ♥ Eleanor ♥ Anouk ♥ Rylan ♥
    Boys; ♥ Mason ♥ Liam ♥ Decimus ♥ Bentley ♥ Jace ♥ Michael ♥ Caden ♥ Jude ♥ Alexander ♥

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