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    Need some help on foreign names, guys :)

    Okay, so I'm about to start writing a story about a girl (teenager, probably around fifteen), who starts a video-chatting website. The website becomes really popular around the world and she makes a lot of new friends-and enemies- from around the globe from video-chatting with all of them. I haven't gotten the plot entirely sorted out, but...yeah. I want your input on names for different characters. Any origin, I'm not very picky. French, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Scandanavian, Arabic, anything really. So...yeah. I just need some good ones
    Girls; ♥ Caoimhe ♥ Senna ♥ Sanne ♥ Quinn ♥ Anniston ♥ Saoirse ♥ Beatrice ♥ Eleanor ♥ Anouk ♥ Rylan ♥
    Boys; ♥ Mason ♥ Liam ♥ Decimus ♥ Bentley ♥ Jace ♥ Michael ♥ Caden ♥ Jude ♥ Alexander ♥

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