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    Harry Potter Unique Name Quiz Game!

    Hey! I got alot of responses to my Olympic and Hunger Games quizes and I thought Harry Potter deserved one too! *If I forget someone important please let me know!*

    Girl 1 FN:

    Favorite Harry Potter Book=Too Cool Name

    Sorcerer's Stone: Princess
    Chamber of Secrets: Bluebell
    Prisoner of Askaban: Gypsy
    Goblet of Fire: Porche
    Order of the Phoenix: Rainbow
    Half Blood Prince: Sugar
    Deathly Hallows: Wisdom

    Girl 1 MN:

    Fave Student Character=Unique Name

    Harry: Snow
    Ron: Aspen
    Hermione: Clea
    Nevielle: Holiday
    Malfoy(Draco): Electra
    Luna: Meilani
    Fred and/or George: Cessair
    Crabbe and/or Goyle: Callisto
    Other(who?): Abrial

    Girl 1=

    Boy 1 FN:

    Fave Professor=Too Cool Name

    Dumbledore: Duke
    McGonagall: Maverick
    Snape: Rouge
    Lupin: Racer
    Moody(Mad-Eye): Power
    Lockhart: Talon
    Other(who?): Free

    Boy MN:

    Fave Weasley=Unique Name

    Arthur(Dad): Cable
    Molly(Mom): Domino
    Bill: Midnight
    Charlie: Lysander
    Percy: Pike
    Fred and/or George: Jupiter
    Ron: North
    Ginny: Wilder

    Boy 1=

    Girl 2 FN:

    Least Favorite Book=Unusual Name

    Sorcerer's Stone: Imogen
    Chamber of Secrets: Octavia
    Prisoner of Askaban: Amabel
    Goblet of Fire: Acacia
    Order of the Phoenix: Seren
    Half-Blood Prince: Henrietta
    Deathly Hallows: Lavinia

    Girl 2 MN:

    Use your fave girl name from the series!

    Boy 2 FN:

    Fave Unlikeable Person=Unusual Name

    Voldemort: Griffith
    Malfoy(Draco): Fielder
    Malfoy(Lucius): Lionel
    Umbridge: Thaddeus
    Snape: West
    Rita Skeeter: Tobiah
    Other(who?): Winslow

    Boy 2 MN:

    Use your fave guy name from the series!

    Boy 2=

    Hope you like it!

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