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    All the best,

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    My favourites are:
    Charles Tristram Albert (I love Tristram!)
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam
    Alastair Benedict (I like the "straight out of a history book" feel I get from this)
    Conrad Ernest (love Ernest!)
    Patrick Stewart George
    Blake Laurent

    There were definitely less on this list where I liked the whole combo. There are many nice individual names, though.
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    I generally like the ones that sound historic too. I think I should have included Wilfred as one that is showing up more frequently too. My favorites are:

    Charles Tristram Albert - love Tristram
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam - like Anselm and with the Fitzwilliam, this sounds like a Jane Austen name
    Willoughby Edward James - I'm starting to like Willoughby as as way to get to Will
    James Ranald Edward - Ranald makes this name to me
    Benedict Christian Hanslip - I really like Benedict nn Ben, but I'm not sure how useable it is in the US
    Ivo Alexander Ninian - although Ivo is not one of my faves, I love this combination
    Wilfred Alec Ferrand - Wilfred nn Fred is growing on me and I love this combination
    Ranulph Alec Valentino - Ranulph is a great British history name
    Wilfred Piers John - See love for Wilfred above-- Piers brings the history to this name
    Hector Dashiell Camac - The classical Hector is growing on me and I like this combined with Dashiell
    Ralph Cosmo - love this combination - very cool
    James Deo - I like Deo as a mn, it makes this combination pop

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    I really like these, and even LOVE some totally and completely:

    Charles Tristram Albert - Yay for Tristram!
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam - ...and for Anselm
    Archie Scout - Very very cute
    Conrad Ernest
    Bertie Pepys Willie -I laighed out loud when I read this, but it's totally growing on me. If I ever have a son...
    Ivo Alexander Ninia - Ivo! Ninia!
    Wilfred Alec Ferrand
    Hector Dashiell Camac - Love this! Hector and Dashiell brought together...
    Rex James Lartigue
    Milo Frederick Ignatius
    Wilfred Piers John
    Elliot George Dawnay
    Ernest Merlin

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