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    What would YOU pair with Eden (as a brother?)

    Please help! We have run through so many names and for one reason or another cannot settle on something we feel really good about anymore. I am open to new ideas and suggestions. Please inspire me! Eden goes both by Eden and Edie.

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    Eden and Max

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    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
    Boys: Felix, Philip, Owen, Flynn, Dexter, Henry, Rory, Finlay

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    Thanks guys! I will go over these with hubby. Anyone else have ideas?

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    Theo - like but rhymes with our dog's name
    Leo - same as Theo
    Max - I like but it is the name of my Aunt's dog so not so sure
    Kai - like but better as a middle I think
    Felix - worried that the long E in Eden and Felix might sound too close
    Alexander - nice classic name. I do like Xander and Alec. Lex is nice too.
    Xander - see above
    Malachai - NMS
    Damien - I like Damien but due to my other dog having several nicknames, for some reason we call him Damien sometimes
    Callum - not sure if I like this
    Callan - meh.
    Oliver - I have two sets of friends with Oliver so it is out... otherwise I love it!
    Rory - don't like due to personal association
    Julian - husband doesn't like
    Adam - husband's brother's name
    Orion - I do like Orion. I have a cousin in the tight knit part of my family we often call Rye and I feel Orion would become Rye.
    Samuel - I like but husband does not.
    Samson - see Samuel
    Solomon - one of my closest friends is pregnant right now and has already chosen Solomon if she has a boy.
    Sebastian - my husband doesn't like this, I go back and forth. I like Bastien.
    Nathaniel - NMS
    Lucian - this is ok
    Bastian - I like
    William - family association but not a totally positive connection
    Tristan - I have a girl friend with this name.
    Abram - I do like this. Abe doesn't go with our last name and not sure if Bram is pronounced Bram or Brahm?

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