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    2012 Olympics Quiz Game!

    Girl 1 FN:

    Country you're rooting for=Color name
    (I know most nameberries are North American/European)

    USA: Ruby
    Great Britain: Olive
    Canada: Scarlet
    Ireland: Mauve
    Australia: Hazel
    Netherlands: Jade
    Asian Country: Ginger
    African Country: Amethyst
    South/Central American Country: Blue
    Other(what is it?): Indigo

    Girl 1 MN:

    Event you will be watching most=Vintage Name

    Swimming: Beatrix
    Gymnastics: Eloise
    Tennis: Tessa
    Soccer/Football: Alice
    Track & Field: Mae
    Volleyball: Pearl
    Cycling: Adeline
    Rowing/Kayak/Canoe: Ada
    Other(what is it): Evelyn

    Girl 1=

    Boy 1 FN:

    Least interesting/oddest Olympic sport=Name kids think is cool

    Sailing: Wyatt
    Trampoline: Ryder
    Race Walking: Oliver
    Handball: Shane
    Badminton: Brady
    Shooting: Max
    Weightlifting: Blake
    Other(what is it?): Zak

    Boy 1 MN:

    Favorite Water Sport=Nature Name

    Swimming: River
    Diving: Ash
    Synchronized Diving: Jet
    Synchronized Swimming: Pine
    Water Polo: Sage
    Other?/Don't like Water Sports: Rowan

    Boy 1=

    Girl 2 FN:

    Gymnastics event you would be best at=Flower

    Vault: Lilac
    Uneven Bars: Lavender
    Balance Beam: Daisy
    Floor Exercise: Rose
    Parallel Bars: Violet
    Rings: Poppy
    Pommel Horse: Posey
    None of the Above! I would suck at all of them!: Magnolia

    Girl 2 MN:

    Name of one of the "Fab Five" US Womens' Gymnastic Team members(Jordyn, Gabrielle, Alexandra, Kyla, or McKayla)

    Girl 2=

    Boy 2 FN:

    Sport you would be the worst at=Name your friends think are cool

    Swimming: Finn
    Gymnastics: Hudson
    Weightlifting: Dashiell
    Diving: Jude
    Cycling: Jackson
    Track & Field: Matteo
    Other(what is it): Miles

    Boy 2 MN:

    Name of male athlete you ar most excited to watch!

    Boy 2=

    Let me know what you think!
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    Ruby Beatrix (love my swimming!)
    Max River
    Poppy Alexandra
    Dashiell Michael

    That was fun! I love quiz games!

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    Scarlet Evelyn (diving)
    Zak Ash (jeez, awful combo. Zak would be for the equestrian events, especially dressage)
    Lilac Gabrielle
    Miles Alexandre (triathalon is not one I'd be able to do)
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Vivian Lilac
    Bastian Ephraim, Gideon Felix

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