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    HRH Queen Mary Victoria Elizabeth Maude (61)
    HH Prince Consort Edward Charles George, Duke of Aumale. (65)

    HRH Crown Princess Margaret Caroline Elizabeth Anne (36)
    HRH Crown Prince James Michael, Duke of Exeter. (37)
    -------Prince James Edward Michael Leopold (10)
    -------Prince Charles George Albert Victor (8)
    -------Princess Adelaide Margaret Georgiana Caroline (5)
    -------Princess Elizabeth Sophia Amelia Mary (5)

    HRH Prince George Alexander Frederick David (34)
    HRH Princess Emma Isabelle (30)
    -------Prince Frederick George Edward David (6)
    -------Princess Isabelle Mary Alexandra Maude (4)
    -------Prince Edmund James Henry William (2)

    HRH Prince William Leopold Albert Charles (33)
    HRH Princess Catherine Elizabeth Rose (32)
    ------Princess Anne Victoria Maude Rose (9)
    ------Prince William Henry Arthur George (8)
    ------Prince Christian Andrew Victor Leopold (6)
    ------Princess Mary Catherine Louisa Charlotte (5)
    ------Prince Arthur Frederick Albert Victor (3)

    HRH Princess Sophia Georgiana Elizabeth Victoria, Duchess of Grafton. (31)
    John Edmund Patrick, Duke of Grafton. (33)
    -------Lady Patricia Georgiana Mary. (3)
    -------John Victor Edmund, Earl of Kent. (6 months)

    HRH Prince Henry Edward Victor Philip (29)
    HRH Princess Sarah Marie
    ------Princess Philippa Victoria Marie (4)
    ------Prince Henry Patrick George (1)
    ------Princess Maude Elizabeth Sarah (newborn)

    HRH Princess Amelia Louisa Charlotte Maude, Marchioness of Pembroke (28)
    Richard James Henry, Marquis of Pembroke. (30)
    ---------- Lady Charlotte Amelia Mary (2)
    --------- Lady Louisa Margaret Sophia (newborn)

    Royal Family:
    Queen Mary “Grandma” and Prince Edward “Grandpa”

    Crown Princess MargaretMaggie” and Crown Prince James: Prince JamesJamie”, Prince CharlesCharlie”, Princess AdelaideAddie” and Princess ElizabethBeth”.

    Prince George and Princess Emma: Prince FrederickFreddie”, Princess Isabelle, and Prince Edmund.

    Prince WilliamWill” and Princess CatherineCathy”: Princess Anne, Prince William, Prince Christian, Princess MaryMay”, and Prince Arthur.

    Princess Sophia and John, Duke of Gafton: Lady PatriciaPat” and John, Earl of KentJack”.

    Prince Henry and Princess Sarah: Princess PhilippaPippa”, Prince Henry and Princess Maude.

    Princess Amelia and Richard, Marquis of Pembroke: Lady CharlotteLottie” and Lady LouisaLucy”.

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    HM Anne Margaret Elizabeth Mary, Queen of the United Kingdom (68)
    HRH The Prince Christian Edward Philip Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (73)

    HRH Arthur Charles Christian Louis, The Prince of Wales (43)
    HRH Caroline Sophie, The Princess of Wales (39)
    ---- HRH Princess Margaret Elizabeth Sophie Louise of Wales (12)
    ---- HRH Prince Alexander George Richard Arthur of Wales (11)
    ---- HRH Princess Matilda Charlotte Rose Victoria of Wales (7)

    HRH Princess Catherine Maud Elizabeth Alexandra, The Countess of Athlone (41)
    The Rt. Hon. Charles Henry Alfred, The Earl of Athlone (46)
    ---- Amelia Henrietta Rose, Viscountess Daventry (13)
    ---- The Hon. Alfred Christian David (11)
    ---- The Hon. Philip Charles Patrick (10)
    ---- The Hon. Alexandra Dagmar Elizabeth (6)

    HRH Prince Leopold Edward George Duncan, The Duke of Argyll (38)
    HRH Alice Mary Davina, The Duchess of Argyll (38)
    ---- HRH Prince Archibald Leopold Christian Andrew, Marquess of Lorne (8)
    ---- HRH Prince Richard William Albert Ernest of Argyll (6)
    ---- HRH Princess Augusta Victoria Anne Davina of Argyll (2)

    HRH Prince William James Frederick Edmund, Prince of Denmark, Duke of Albant (36)
    HRH Ingrid Caroline Margrethe Louise, Crown Princess of Denmark, Duke of Albany (35)
    ---- HRH Prince Frederik William Carl Philip (5)
    ---- HRH Princess Astrid Margrethe Caroline Amalie (3)
    ---- HRH Princess Victoria Charlotte Anne Benedikte (0)

    HRH Princess Caroline Victoria Olga Amelia, Queen of the Belgians (36)
    HM Albert Charles Baudoin Leopold Marie, King of the Belgians (40)
    ---- HRH Princess Fabiola Elisabeth Anne Eleonore Marie, Duchess of Brabant (10)
    ---- HRH Prince Felix Baudoin Marie Guillaume Christian (8)
    ---- HRH Prince Louis Francois Leopold Charles Marie (6)
    ---- HRH Princess Josephine Amelie Henriette Charlotte Marie (3)
    ---- HRH Princess Beatrice Maximilienne Anne Marie Marguerite (0)

    HRH Princess Marina Agnes Charlotte Mary, The Duchess of Aosta (33)
    HRH Prince Aimone Emanuele Maria Amedeo Umberto of Savoy, The Duke of Aosta (37)
    ---- HRH Prince Amedeo Fiorenzo Giuseppe Maria Filiberto of Savoy, The Duke of Modena (5)
    ---- HRH Princess Isabella Bianca Mafalda Marina Giovanna Maria Fiorenza, The Duchess of Apulia (5)
    ---- HRH Princess Elena Olga Giuseppa Anna Maria Adelaide, The Duchess of Abruzzi (1)
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