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    Extended Family Congrats Round 7 (dice game)

    Round 6:


    Its been another 5 years
    **If the couple is over 50 they no longer have new kids**
    **If over 50 and get a new SO roll 10 sided die to see if they already have children 3 or 6 they do roll six sided die for how many, Use same gender guide and roll 20 sided die for age**
    **If the grandchild is over 18 roll for relationship and kids the same as for the kids**

    Married- 3=they've broken up 1,2,4,5&6=they're still together
    Engaged- 1,3&6=they're married 2&5=they're still engaged 4=they've broken up
    Long Term Relationship- 2=they're married 4&6=they're engaged 5=they're still together 1&3=they've broken up
    Short Term Relationship- 2=they're engaged 1&3=they're in a long term relationship 4,5&6=they've broken up

    New Relationships
    1. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    2. married
    3. married
    4. single
    5. married
    6. engaged
    7. single
    8. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    9. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    10. bisexual (odd-male partner even-female partner)

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    4. Ends with -son
    5. Ends with lee/ley/leigh/ly
    6. (generate another)
    7. (pennsylvania, 1996, top 100)
    8. (you choose)
    9. (lake name)
    10. Boys: Asher, Atticus, Elijah, Ezra, Gideon, Jasper, Jude, Leo, Miles, Milo, Silas, Edmund, Quincy, Theodore, Dylan, Poe, Eli, Kasen, Jasper, Boden

    Roll for Last Names
    1. (county name)
    2. Disney Prince or Princess Name
    3. (Last Name of Senator)
    5. Teller, Simmons, Reiser, Benoist, Stowell, Lang, Mulkey, Gupton, Spoke, Kasch, Ian, Blair, Siriboe, Patil, Vana
    6. (generate 5 and choose)
    7. (first word in the title, generate a new set and choose)
    8. (celebs last name)
    9. Ends with A
    10. Same Letters Long and Starts with the Same Letter as the First Name

    Roll for Number of Kids
    1. 4
    2. 1
    3. none
    4. 3
    5. none
    6. 2

    Roll for Gender
    1. whichever they have more of
    2. boy
    3. whichever they have less of
    4. boy
    5. girl
    6. girl

    Roll for Ages
    1. 3
    2. infant
    3. 2
    4. adopted or step child (you choose age)
    5. 4
    6. 1

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    1. Ends with er/or
    2. Boys: (player's first or last name)
    Girls: (name of Cheerleader)
    4. (celebrities real name, last name starts with the same letter as the child's last name)
    5. Boys: Bugsy, Bear, Justice, Eli, Quincy, August, Cricket, Finnegan, Edison, Magnus, Buster, Fargo, Garfield, Chauncey, Oliver, Matthew, Hudson, Joseph, Avery, Andre, Bryce, Calvin, Juan, Charles, Wyatt, Trenton, Jeremy, Gavin, Cody, Ricardo, Carter, Brandon, Jose, Jared, Braxton, Lincoln, Ian, Jackson, Tucker, Landen, Kingston, Bradley, Adrian, Aiden, Damien, George, Bryson, Johnny, Seth, Oscar
    Girls: Mabel, Galena, Leona, Peaches, Justice, Ebby, Hollyhock, August, April, Princess, Miriam, Butterfly, Cricket, Lilly, Anna, Vogue, Flower, Coralbelle, Fawn, Hermione, Alana, Giselle, Leslie, Alexandria, Rylee, Nicole, Brooklyn, Samantha, Rebecca, Alexis, Margaret, Maggie, Emily, Sadie, Autumn, Laila, Jennifer, Callie, Jenna, Camryn, Marissa, Kayla, Miranda, Amy, Eden, Madelyn, Mackenzie, McKenna, Angela, Delaney
    6. (name of any city in any of the sovereign states)
    10. Boys: (name of any guy on the list)
    11. Contains an F
    12. Boys: 5 letters long
    13. Boys:
    14. Boys: Zane, Zeke, Aladdin, Clyde, Mackenzie, Petey, Sasha, Otto, Baxter, Blaze, Striker, Rori, Prince, Joaquin, Duke, Moe, Lastat, Benji, Cozmo, Dutch, Ziggy, Koz, Archie, River, Jesse, Dwight, Chico, Banjo, Austin, Rocky, Carter, Drew, Teddie, Lucky, Bayne, Sammi, Joe, Sherlock, Dylan, Hunter, Smokey, Michael, Buddy, Bodi, Wrigley, Spice, Pence, Monkey, Henry, Thor
    Girls: Lexy, Megara, Bonnie, Jasmine, Mackenzie, Lilleth, Sasha, Elsa, Molly, Blaze, Bubbles, Rori, Lilly, Jayda, Leah, Nyla, Allie, Jonquil, Abby, Amber, Raya, Honey, Duchess, Lacey, Rosie, Tinkerbell, Lizzie, Shakira, Daisy, Mae, Suzy, Connie, Drew, Wilhelmina, Teddie, Lucky, Astrid, Zelda, Mocha, Precious, Sammi, Jo, Hazel, Ruby, Candy, Amy, Dylan, Hunter, Lola, Sophie
    15. Boys:
    Girls: Contains a V
    16. Boys:
    17. (from the rarest baby names slideshow)
    18. (common, correct gender, 10 names and choose the first or last name in the list)
    19. Boys: Bear, Virgil, Buddy, Kodi, Spikey, Melvin, Zeus, Prancer, Bo, Stormy, Cooper, Elliot, Blu, Paxton, Midas, Major, Homer, Thyme, Sage, Blitzen, Bud, Hank, Barley, Axel, Geo, Radar, Rocky, Roscoe, Rique, Jesse, Frank, Eddie, Denzel, Cappy, Archie, Josiah, Rocket, Denver, Charlie, Jamison, Huckleberry, Tim, Austin, Rodger, Reno, Wally, Dash, Henry, Rexx, Casey
    Girls: Foxie, Chloe, Ethel, Kodi, Gert, Queenie, Allie, Jaylynn, Lyric, Bo, Morgan, Stormy, Princess, Elliot, Ruby, Blu, Charlotte, Mattie, Heidi, Coco, Thyme, Sage, Callie, Barley, Eve, Dottie, Roscoe, Stella, Mindy, Rique, Artina, Sadie, Wynnie, Lucy, Daphne, Charlie, Abbie, Dee, Blondie, Trixie, Duchess, Casey, Marlie, Sammy, Paisley, Flora, Danielle, Dana, Candy, Brittney

    This was the last round. Hope you enjoyed. Add any and all details. Let me know if you liked it or what you would change.

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    DH: Nick Lincoln Ayla (83)
    DW: Phebe Stacy {Schyllermander} Ayla (78)

    DD: Mandy Jayne {Ayla} Carroll (52)
    --DH: Keahi Murray Carroll (52) "Key"
    ----DD: Tandy Tiffani Carroll-Barrino (27) "TT"
    ------DH: Aidan Nicholas Barrino (31)
    --------DD: Euphrates Valor Carroll-Barrino (8) "Evie"
    --------DD: Hilda Gertrude Carroll-Barrino (3)
    ----DS: Brant Aaron Carroll (25)
    ------DW: Anna Jolie Zarathustra-Carroll (25)
    --------DS: Denny Yeller Zarathustra-Carroll (6)
    --------DS: Rob Dash Zarathustra-Carroll (3)
    --------DS: James Ian Zarathustra-Carroll (2)
    --------DD: Emma Kathleen Zarathustra-Carroll (2)
    ----DD: Kylee Renee Carroll (12)
    ----DD: Adelaide Isabella Carroll (10)

    DD: Rachel Jade Ayla (50) {bi}
    ----DS: Buck Orion Ayla (29)
    ------DW: Lumi Julia {Cusack} Ayla (30)
    --------DSD: Goldie Barbara Aatu (13)
    --------DS: Prince Dandenong Ayla (11)
    --------DS: Justice Jayden Ayla (8)
    --------DD: Coffee Courteney Ayla (4)
    --------DD: Madrid Margit Ayla (9 months)
    ----DS: Pall Odin Ayla (29)
    ------DEXF: Pete Lumi Kamen (30)
    --------DS: Aronne Combin Ayla (8)
    ------DGF{lt}: Sailor Tennyson Stewarts (32)
    --------DSD: Clover Millie Stewarts (5)
    ----DS: Trey Oscar Ayla (27)
    ------DF: Daisy Savannah Hugo (27)
    --------DS: Shatt Peter Hugo (9)
    --------DS: Ulysses Dakota Hugo (8)
    --------DS: Nyles Keifer Hugo (4)
    --------DS: Asher Jamaal Hugo (4)
    --------DS: Blitzen Hartford Hugo (4)
    --------DS: Ryan Nicholas Hugo (2 months)
    --DEXW: Natalie Millicent {Eka} Ayla (54) "Nat"
    ----DSS: Derrick Sherwin Leary (31)
    ------DW: Chasan Avery Phoenix (28)
    --------DAD: Elixyvette Shani Phoenix (8)
    --------DS: Kazimir Adam Phoenix (3)
    --------DD: Jillian Rachel Phoenix (3)
    --------DD: Tiffany Uniter Phoenix (2)
    --------DAS: Stormy Ewan Phoenix (1)
    ----DS: Neil Spicer Ayla (15)
    --DF: Lucky Harlan Estela (46)
    ----DSD: Meagan Ronny Fortitude (11)
    ----DS: Oren Primo Estela (8)
    ----DD: Fran Adriana Estela (7)

    DD: Ellie Jem {Ayla} Eko (50)
    --DEXH: Ivan Nightcast Eko (50)
    --DBF{lt}: Will James Richmond (56)
    ----DSS: Bartholomew Bridge Richmond (23) "Bart"
    ------DEXGF: Eleanor Andrea Hightower (23)
    --------DS: Nemo Prince Hightower-Richmond (5)
    ------DGF{lt}: Keona Laura Durkin (27)
    --------DS: Logan Donald Richmond (3)
    ----DS: Clemenceau Stitch Richmond (9)
    ----DS: Simba Crow Richmond (6)

    DD: Maria Jenna Ayla (46) {bi}
    --DEXH: Rene Tony Cameron (47)
    --DLW: Quinn Orva Wong (54)
    --DEXGF: Mauve Zoe Sanderson (51)
    --DF: Maigurs Lionheart Rossum (43)
    ----DD: Ann-Margaret Genevieve Ayla-Rossum (13) "Anna"
    ----DS: Andrew Vortex Ayla-Rossum (8)
    ----DD: Aaliyah Rhiannon Ayla-Rossum (7)
    ----DD: Angel Temple Ayla-Rossum (6)
    ----DD: Apriltsi Sence Ayla-Rossum (4) "April"
    ----DD: Abigail Kehra Ayla-Rossum (3) "Abi"

    DD: Maia Joyce Ayla-DeFreitas (46)
    ----DS: Amerigo John Ayla-Bran (28) "AJ"
    ------DEXGF: Jaxon Aurora Green (28)
    --------DS: Eddie Bradley Green-Ayla-Bran (13)
    --------DS: Lyle Yule Green-Ayla-Bran (11)
    ------DW: Karsyn Poppy {Hexum} Alya (28)
    --------DD: Inger Affira Ayla (2)
    --------DD: Ahtari Brianna Ayla (2)
    --------DS: Corbin Kristoffer Ayla (1)
    --------DAD: Kimber Kassi Ayla (6 months)
    ----DAD: Nixy Shay {Bran-Ayla} Jasmine (26)
    ------DH: Oakley Dylan Jasmine (26)
    ----DS: Eluric Homer Wayans (25)
    ------DGF{lt}: Sarah Brett Imogen (24)
    --------DS: Timothy Quentin Wayans (8)
    --------DS: Fremont Russell Wayans (6)
    --------DS: Richard Shkoder Wayans (3)
    --------DS: Wrigley John Wayans (2)
    ----DAS: Lord Livingstone Bran-Ayla (25)
    ------DF: Bezos Bianca Caan (23)
    --------DD: Beatrix Hazel Caan-Bran-Ayla (8)
    --------DS: Telchide Cooper Caan-Bran-Ayla (7)
    --------DD: Agneta Dye Caan-Bran-Ayla (2)
    --------DD: Cricket Fern Caan-Bran-Ayla (1 month)
    --DH: Huey Rascal DeFreitas (53)
    ----DSD: Mulan Petunia Dumont-DeFreitas (29) (homo)
    ------DEXBF: Vilnis Talivaldis Sakke (28)
    --------DS: Derrick Zander DeFreitas (4)
    --------DD: Ebba Nasim DeFreitas (2)
    --------DD: Tyra Yrian Dumont-Parrott (10 months)
    --------DD: Ziva Jaylynn Dumont-Parrott (10 months)
    ----DS: Spencer Cyrus Ayla-DeFreitas (20)
    ------DF: Jacqueline Kristen Jellitonia (18) "JJ"
    ----DS: Michaelangelo Raphaelo Ayla-DeFreitas (16) "Mike"
    ----DAD: Lucille Melissa Ayla-DeFreitas (15)
    ----DD: Ness Maria Ayla-DeFreitas (12)
    ----DD: Glasgow Hunter Ayla-DeFreitas (6)

    DD: Patty Jasmine Denisof-Ayla (45) {bi}
    --DEXBF: David Seth Chow (43)
    ----DSD: Sky Zinnia Holiday-Chow (25)
    --------DD: Lex Meadow Chow (6)
    ----DD: Nyx Blaine {Ayla} Wilson (24)
    ------DH: Rylan Ken Wilson (27)
    --------DD: Alexis Bertha Wilson (3)
    --------DS: Max Azure Wilson (6 months)
    --DW: Talia Lavinia Denisof-Ayla (43)
    ----DSS: Cohen Adriel Denisof (23)
    ------DGF{lt}: Emma Josephine Bruno (22)
    --------DD: Evelyn Gay Bruno (1) "Evi"
    --------DD: Ernestine Maria Bruno (1 month) "Tini"
    --------DS: Brodie Sean Bruno (1 month)
    ----DS: Alpha Lee Denisof-Ayla (9)
    ----DD: Phraya Michelle Denisof-Ayla (8)
    ----DD: Jade Berkeley Denisof-Ayla (6)
    ----DS: Barley Andrew Denisof-Ayla (2)
    ----DS: Joniel Josh Denisof-Ayla (1 month)

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    DH: Nathaniel Peter Luthringshausen "Nate"
    DW: Ivy Selene Hamilton

    -DD: Ada Millie Luthringshausen "Millie" (51)
    ----DS: Booth Arnold Luthringshausen (29)
    ------exLTGF: Kyra Embeth Leroy (28)
    ---------DS: Jonathon Jakob Leroy-Luthringshausen "JJ" (13)
    ------EXDW: Anna Phoebe Willow (27)
    ------LTGF: Alyssa Beatrice Parker
    -DH: Irving Jethro Dalas "IJ" (married 12 years ago, divorced 8 years ago)
    -----DS: Maddox Evander Dalas (Millie's stepson, 22)
    -------DW: Camden Nora Mulkey
    ---------DD: Pixie Margaret Luthringshausen (14)
    ---------DD: Lilac Marilyn Luthringshausen (14)
    ---------DS: Maverick Daniel Luthringshausen (13)
    -DH: Christopher Benjamin Holden (married 6 year ago)
    ---------DD: Giselle Alex Holden (5)

    -DS: Karl Ethan Luthringshausen "Ethan" (47, adopted)
    -DW: Maddison Nina Cahaya
    ----DS: Kev Garnett Luthringshausen (25)
    ------DW: Harlow Piper Concord (25)
    ---------DS: Jordan Emmett Luthringshausen (9)
    ---------DD: Lilah Daisy Luthringshausen (8)
    ---------DD: Maple Norah Luthringshausen (6)
    ---------DS: Everest Buddy Luthringshausen (6)
    ---------DS: Elis Hunter Luthringshausen (2)
    ---------DS: Xavier West Luthringshausen (1)
    ---------DD: Love Nevaeh Luthringshausen (infant)
    ---------DS: Beau Derby Luthringshausen (infant)
    ----DS: Kian Ezra Luthringshausen (24)
    ------DF: Gracie Anna Home (24)
    --------DD: Roanne Jo Luthringshausen (8)
    --------DS: Jayden Kirk Luthringshausen (7)
    --------DS: Bryson Milford Luthringshausen (6)
    --------DD: Leela Madge Luthringshausen (6)
    --------DD: Irma Kaylee Luthringshausen (4)
    --------DS: Major Laszlo Luthringshausen (4)
    --------DS: Cozmo Fabian Luthringshausen (4)
    --------DS: Denver Russell Luthringshausen (infant)
    ----DD: Sophia River Luthringshausen (24)
    ------LTBF: Eddie Purnama Roman
    ----DD: Serena Naomi Luthringshausen (22)
    ------DH: Jameson Oscar Bell
    ----DD: Sequoia Blaine Luthringshausen (20)
    ------DH: Jefferson Brad Johannesen
    --------DD: Ruby Thea Johannesen (2)
    --------DS: Ethan Wyatt Johannesen (2)
    ----DD: Shania Natalia Luthringshausen (19)
    ------DH: Mason Samson Drapan
    ----DS: Kennddrick Dustin Luthringshausen (18)
    ----DS: Konstantinos Tahj Luthringshausen (15)
    ----DS: Ryker Sami Luthringshausen (13)
    ----DS: Riley Colton Luthringshausen (12)
    ----DS: Rothschild Lupien Luthringshausen (11)
    ----DS: Ralf Adrian Luthringshausen (10)
    ----DS: Hardy Pine Luthringshausen (4)
    ----DS: Hankin Berry Luthringshausen (3)

    -DD: Una Sierra Luthringshausen "Sierra" (45)
    -DH: Maxwell Noah Flavius
    ----DD: Lauren Zahara Luthringshausen (23)
    ------DH: Stewart George Adair (25)
    --------DS: Dylan Frederick Adair (2)
    --------DS: Ed Jeremy Adair (infant)
    ----DD: Isabella Natalie Luthringshausen "Bella" (21, adopted)
    ------DH: Douglas Jasper Phulux
    ----DS: Oliver Tyler Luthringshausen (9)
    ----DS: Felix Bradley Luthringshausen (5)
    ----DD: Sierra Margaux Luthringshausen (5)
    ----DS: Judd Franklin Luthringshausen (3)
    ----DD: Charlotte Olivia Luthringshausen (3)
    ----DD: Hazel Joyce Luthringshausen (3)
    ----DS: Matthew Edison Luthringshausen (2)

    -DS: Todd Charles Luthringshausen "Charlie" (44)
    -exDW: Lola Jessica Lincoln (divorced 14 years ago)
    ----DS: Christian Henry Luthringshausen (29)
    -----EXGF: Kristin Julia Garcia (31)
    --------DD: Rocky Louise Garcia (Christian's stepdaughter)
    --------DS: Amadeus Roman Luthringshausen (13)
    --------DD: Elke Hanna Luthringshausen (13)
    -----DW: Bree Grace Hightower
    --------DD: Poppy Ines Luthringshausen (4)
    --------DD: Greta Piper Luthringshausen (2)
    ----DS: Liam Bartholomew Luthringshausen (20)
    -----STGF: Emily Delilah Cutts
    ----DS: Timothy Nathaniel Luthringshausen (18)
    -DW: Brooke Jessica Hamilton-Taylor (26)
    ----DD: Estrella Darcey Luthringshausen (7)
    ○ chelsea ○ eighteen ○ australia ○

    ○ Margot Amelia ○ Estelle India ○
    ○ Leila Olivia Isobel Zoe Eva ○

    ○ Edward Alexander ○ Archer Sebastian ○
    ○ Maxwell Hunter Flynn Noah Jack ○

    ○ current combo crush ○
    ○ Leila, Flynn and Zoe ○

    ○ please vote on my NEW nameslist here

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    Nov 2014
    Durante Raphael Grosvenor, 71 and Esther Cyndi (Steinbrenner) Grosvenor, 69

    -Lucas Mekhi Grosvenor, 52 married to Leatherscream Shadowfire Kingfisher, 48
    --Flora Avivi Grosvenor, 25 single
    ---Joshua Bach Concord-Grosvenor, 6
    --Sebastian Maddox Grosvenor, 24 dating Ashlee Jocelyn Tiris, 22
    ---Hassie Tiberius Grosvenor, 9
    ---Whitley Barlow Grosvenor, 8
    ---Juliet Shane Grosvenor, 7
    ---Seamus Bear Tiris (step-son), 6
    ---Maja Bryn Tiris (step-daughter), 3
    ---Luis Addy Grosvenor, 1
    ---Chandler Penelope Grosvenor, newborn
    --Felicity Astrid Grosvenor, 21 single
    --Britta Delhi Grosvenor (adopted), 20 single
    --Lola Winter Grosvenor, 12
    --Rafael Deacon Grosvenor, 8
    --Rene Peri Grosvenor, 8
    --Polly Harriet Grosvenor (adopted), 7
    --Archer Shadow Grosvenor, 6
    --Viggo Andres Grosvenor, 3

    -Amari Mae (Grosvenor, Marcus) Einer, 51 married to Nathaniel Ashley Einar, 59
    --Galt Dominic Marcus (stepson from previous marriage), 36 married to Virgil Sienna (Veselin) Marcus, 35
    ---Cesar Godric Marcus, 13
    ---Lonnie Sparrow Marcus, 12
    ---Chiara Janine Marcus (adopted), 8
    ---Cricket Candance Marcus, 5
    --Rio Luciano Marcus, 18 married to Nadia Li (Ayotte) Marcus, 18
    ---Harper Fawn Marcus, 4
    --Tahj Tiago Marcus, 18 single
    --Zane Paolo Marcus, 18 married to Sable Emi Patil, 30
    --Noah Malcolm Einer, 13
    --Sky Isaac Einer, 11
    --Argun Dalton Einer, 8
    --Deen Abaco Einer, 5

    -Palmer Theodore Grosvenor (adopted), 49 married to Lydia Tiffani (Miriam) Grosvenor, 45
    --Mercy Alexandria (Morgan-Grosvenor) Chowen (adopted), 31 married to Madison Omniel Chowen, 33
    ---Cameron Henry Chowen, 13
    ---Bartholomew Amur Chowen and Aden Jynx Chowen, 7
    --Dionne Juliana Grosvenor, 29 engaged to Ash Sullivan Jeremias, 32
    ---Justice Lindsey Jeremias, 14
    ---Teresa Georgia Jeremias, 13
    ---Hart Kobi Jeremias, 10
    ---Liza Pixie Jeremias, 10
    ---Knile Alejandro Jeremias, 4
    --Oscar Mason Grosvenor, 27 single
    ---Meeko Boaz Grosvenor, 9
    ---Cedric Thoreau Grosvenor, 7
    ---Paco Sheen Grosvenor, 7
    --Gaelle Elina (Grosvenor) Shepard, 26 married to Jericho Alexis Shepard, 28
    --Antonio Caspian Grosevnor, 21 dating Layla Garnet Ariel, 23
    ---Wayne Valter Grosvenor, 3
    --Paloma Luz (Grosevnor) Khemor, 21 married to Grayson Jackson Khemor, 25
    --Winnie Acacia Grosvenor (adopted), 20 single
    --Marco Maxim Grosvenor, 18 married to Nikki Monica (Pulon) Grosvenor, 18
    --Paisley Chrysanthemum Grosvenor, 17
    --Glory Marguerite Grosvenor, 15
    --Antoinette Grace Grosvenor, 15
    --Ruperto Major Grosvenor, 7
    --Kaia Jean Grosvenor (adopted), 6
    --Johnnie Angela Grosvenor, 5
    --Piper Jessie Grosvenor, 2
    --Megara Blake Grosvenor, 1

    -Ramona Melissa Grosvenor, 45 engaged to Bruno Fabian Graham, 47
    --Briar Dublin (Graham) Bae, 19 married to Poe Nigel Bae, 25
    ---Murphy Elsa Bae, 2
    ---Jorgen Andre Bae, 1
    ---Waverly Roxanne Bae, 1
    ---Bryce Cian Bae, newborn
    --Valentino Bentley Graham, 18 dating Ginger Hayden Gugino, 18
    ---Briana Ethel Graham, 3
    ---Arbor Dee Graham, 3
    ---Benji Xavier Graham, 2
    --Jeremiah Nikolas Graham, 18 dating Asra Leigh Moffit, 19
    ---Felix Gabriel Moffit (step-son), 5
    ---Zooey Stella Graham, 4
    ---Erick Charlie Graham, 1
    --Iris Maria Graham, 14
    --Eli Amadeus Graham, 12
    --Rosemary Lucille Graham, 11
    --Arista Bess Graham (adopted), 10
    --Lex Rachel (adopted), 10
    --Bethanie Felipa Graham, 7
    --Nannie Jane Graham, 6
    Rosaline, Marie, Paisley, Margot, Flora

    Shepherd, August, Park, Sebastian, Asher

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    DS: Frederick George "Fox" Paris (51)
    DGF: Evanthe Scarlett "Evie" Tensas (46, dating for 24 years)

    DD: Rosalie Antonia Tensas (14)
    DS: Felix Noble Tensas (9)


    DS: Malachi Isaac "Mal" Paris (49)
    ex-DW: Keahi Shula Nowata (50, married for 6 years then divorced)

    DS: Desmond Alexej Paris (30)
    DW: Phoebe Josephine Chen (32, married for 7 years)
    DD/DD: Maple Selena and Sorrel Madeline Paris (8)

    DS: Nathan Sean Paris (25)
    DBF: Adam Michael Finn (25, engaged)

    DW: Leona Lux Linney (43, married for 7 years)


    DD: Margaret Adriana "Maisie" Paris (48)
    DH: Eleazar Cecil Black (49, married for 17 years)

    DD: Eloise Victoria Black (19)
    DBF: Quincy Poe Abria (20, dating for 4 years)

    DD/DS: Coralie Helene and Alistair Leon Black (17)
    DD/DS: Beatrix Estelle and Casper Winston Black 9)
    DS: Patrick Wilfred Black (6)


    DD: Ivy Vanessa (47)
    DBF: Rockmond Henfire Caddo (50, married for 20 years)

    DD: Arabella Constance "Ara" Caddo (23)
    DS: Frederick Louis Caddo (7)


    DS: James Brian Paris (46)
    DH: Fintan Aodh Coro (46, married for 9 years then broken up)

    DD: Delia Gwyneth Coro (21)
    DF: Buster Max Flynn (23, engaged)

    DD: Miriam Delaney Flynn (3)

    DF: Jericho Turcay Evelyn (45, engaged)


    DD: Rosemary Florence "Romy" Paris (46)
    DH: Kuwat Tirta Dian (49, married for 25 years)

    DD: Nora Felicity Dian (28, Kuwat's daughter from a previous relationship)
    DW: Helen Luna Routh (29, married for 5 years)

    DS: Jasper William Dian (24)
    DW: Melanie Layla White (24, married for 2 months)

    DD: Violet Belle Dian (20)
    DBF: Timothy Nestor Edison (dating 7 months)

    DS: Chester Conrad Dian (20)
    DW: Ramona Beatrice Alexsa (21, married for 1 year)

    DD: Nancy London Flynn (2)
    DS: Leon Strange Flynn (4 months)

    DD: Anna Sophia Dian (17)
    DD: Juniper Pixie Dian (14, adopted)
    DD: Vivienne Audrey Dian (12)
    DS/DD: Harriet Augusta and Edmund Leon Dian (8)
    DS: Cedric Phillip Dian (6)


    DD: Dorothy Janet "Dolly" Paris (44, adopted)
    DGF: Isla Beatrice Svend (45, married for 5 years and then divorced)

    DD: Isadora Lark Paris-Svend (14)
    DS: Sebastian August Paris-Svend (13)
    DS: Asher Stewart Paris-Svend (9)
    DS: Atticus Everett Paris-Svend (8)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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