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    My New Baby Name Game, PART THREE

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Use this dice:

    One year later...

    You and (NEW HUSBAND'S NAME) have settled into your new home. Your children, (YOUR CHILD'S NAME) and (HIS CHILD'S NAME), are now (AGE) and (AGE), are doing well in school and are making new friends. Your younger brother, (HIS NAME), recently became the father of a baby girl, whose name is (NAME). Seeing this, you have contracted a serious case of baby fever. You only have one biological child and you want at least one more before your time runs out. You talk to your husband about it, and he agrees the two of you are in a perfect home and financial situation to support another baby. (ROLL THE DICE) months later, you find out you are pregnant!

    What does your house look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2:
    3 or 4:
    5 or 6:
    7 or 8:

    How many babies do you have? Roll the dice
    1. boy/girl twins
    2. single baby, gender is your choice
    3. twins, genders are your choice
    4. single baby girl
    5. single baby boy
    6. twin boys
    7. twin girls
    8. your choice

    What is/are your baby(s) name(s)? Roll the dice
    1. first & middle names from
    2. first & middle names from
    3. first & middle names from
    4. first & middle names from
    5. first & middle names from
    6. first & middle names from
    7. first & middle names from
    8. first & middle names from

    (ROLL THE DICE) years later....

    Your baby(s) is now (AGE), your firstborn is (AGE), and your stepchild is (AGE). You are at work one afternoon when you receive an upsetting phone call from your half-sister, (HER NAME). Your beloved stepmother, (HER NAME), was killed in a car accident the day before. You are devastated and you feel guilty because the two of you have spoken very little the past few months. You and your firstborn fly out to the state where your father and his family live in, (STATE), to attend the funeral. In her will, your stepmother named you the chief mourner in her funeral procession, along with your firstborn. She also leaves you a sum of money, $50,000, which you decide to put into college funds for your children. You return home in slightly better spirits, knowing you had a special place in your stepmother's heart. (ROLL THE DICE THEN ADD 2) months after the funeral, you discover you are pregnant. Nine months later, you give birth to a healthy baby girl. Her middle name honors your stepmother.

    What is your daughter's first name? Roll the dice
    1. a color name
    2. a nature name
    3. a name in the top 10
    4. a virtue name
    5. a flower name
    6. a gemstone name
    7. a name from a song or related to music
    8. a water-themed name

    Your daughter's name:

    Three years later...

    Your youngest daughter is 3, second youngest child(ren) is (AGE), firstborn is (AGE), and your stepchild is (AGE). Your family has recently adopted a golden retriever named (DOG'S NAME) and you're still living in (CITY). Everything is going just fine, but you want another baby. You convince your husband to try for one more baby. However, after several tries, you turn to fertility treatments to conceive. (ROLL THE DICE) months later, you are successfully pregnant with multiples.

    How many babies do you have? Roll the dice
    1. triplet boys
    2. triplet girls
    3. boy/girl/girl triplets
    4. girl/boy/boy triplets
    5. quadruplet boys
    6. quadruplet girls
    7. boy/boy/girl/girl quadruplets
    8. quintuplets, your choice of genders

    What are your babies names? Roll the dice
    1 or 2. first & middle names from
    3 or 4. first & middle names from
    5 or 6. first & middle names from
    7 or 8. first & middle names from

    List your family here:

    The end!

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