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    The stuffed teddy bear and rabbit I've had since the day I was born are simply Teddy and Rabbit. Original, right?

    I gave my Barbies new names every time I played with them, and there's no way I could remember all of those names. I do remember Nathan, Joshua, and Cassie being favorites for the Barbie children.

    I got a few American Girl dolls when I was in elementary school. Some came with names (Kirsten and Samantha), others I named myself. My "lookalike" doll was Hazel and my bitty baby twins were Edward and Eleanor.
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    I think my Barbie dolls' names changed every year or two years, but in chronological order they were names such as;
    Rapunzel, Aurora, princess-y names
    Jade, Chloe, Jessica, Jennifer, Taylor, etc.
    Selene, Lily, Amelia, Sarah, etc.

    I had a small white stuffed cat named Peppermint, a larger one named Myrtle, and many black and/or brown stuffed cats named Chocolate Drop. My first Webkinz was Lucky, a golden retriever.

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    I only remember having a set of Barbie-type dolls named Curiosity, Pumpkin, and Doodle. Quite strange names for a ten-year-old to come up with.

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    I had name for all my toys, but the ones I can remember are here:

    Honey, Hugs & Kisses (twin bears, pink and purple), Stanley, Bluebell: bears.
    Leah, Hannah and Flexi-Lexi: Barbies.
    Skye: unicorn.
    Perky: penguin.
    Izzy: fabric doll.
    Jemima, Tina, Chloe, Phoebe, Tom-a-she (after my brother, Tom )
    Cat: a cat.

    How can I actually remember all of them?!

    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Great thread btw!
    My toy rabbits (sylvanian families) are where my love for names began!
    I named the parents Clara and John, and the children were Lucy and Benjamin, I think.
    I would always write down their names to make sure they matched lol
    I had a pink bear named Pinky Jasmine.
    A stuffed cat named Fluffy Katherine.
    A pig named Isaac, a kangaroo named Lachy (short for Lachlan).
    And my babyborn doll was always named Annabelle.
    I think I had fairly good taste in names as a child! Lol

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