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    I knew a girl from high school who name her son Braylon James and she's expecting again.

    Another girl at school is going with the name Aleyah Pearl which is not a great choice. I can just see her child being made fun of. Her sister had a baby named Khloe Kay'Lyn.

    One of my friends had a scare once (She's still in high school and not ready at all) and would have named her child Lucinda.

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    grecianern Guest
    My close friends:

    Parker, Kain, Carson, and #4 on the way (Collin Lawrence if a DS or Kendall if a DD)

    Benjamin, Claire, Anne

    Zoey and Paisley

    Ethan and Drew

    Logan and Devin

    Max & Joshua

    James Carter (goes by Carter) and Brooks

    New babies, all first-time parents: Jocelyn Addison, Kaitlyn Sophia, Dylan Stephen, Kale, Lukas, Carter

    I just realized that I know a lot of boys.

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    grecianern Guest
    A lot of you are talking about high school aged moms... the first baby born while I was in high school among my friends is 16 yrs old... and she had the best name - Caitlyn Maive. She had snow white skin and super dark hair and the biggest blue eyes. This was the beginning of the Caitlyn/Katelyn/Kaylee phase...

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    I know of...
    Addison -addie (g) & Gavin (b)
    Isabell & Finlay
    Kane (b) Harli (g) & Kaelyb (b)
    Scarlette & Sheridan
    Letisha & Darcy
    Aled (b) , Riley(b) & Jai/jay (g/b- unborn)
    Cyrenna (g) - Renna/Ren

    cant think of anymore x

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    Kristian James
    Aliyah May
    Killian Cervantes
    Max & Alice (twins)

    Some of these are pretty great. Others are .... not. But oh, well!

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