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    I have two older friends with children named Emma Gwendolyn and Rash Alexander. I know Alexander is spelled differently, I just can't remember how...maybe it's Rash Alexzander?
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    A friend of mine recently had a baby (in April) and called her Shyla. Not a fan. The elder sister (my daughter's friend) is named Kiindra. Also not a fan. But they're cute names.

    My best friend is currently pregnant. It's girl. I think she's going to call her Ava. I'm not's a nice name, it's just so popular...but that doesn't bother her. So I'm happy with that! Not that I have a say, lol.

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    People I know that have kids called them (mind you, most of them are teen moms):

    Braydon Neil
    Gavin Nicholas
    Scarlette/Elaina/Raya (her mom changed her name three times before she was one, although the first time wasn't legal)
    Kole Wyatt (my nephew)
    Liam Scott James
    Micah Joachim (brother to Liam)

    I think there are a few more, but that's all I can remember right now.

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    Listed by sibset:

    Nicholas Eugene (hes a junior), Aubrey Elise, and Brady Alexander (my niece and nephews)
    Boone Caleb, Jadelin Ella, and Lillian Paige (Lilly)
    Lillian (Lilly) ____ and Leah Marie (I can't remember that Lillys mn....)
    Ava Joyce and Katelyn Robin (faternal twins...mns are the names of the Grandmothers)
    Julia Kay, Rebecca and Emily (Rebecca and Emily are identical twins...their names have not been "officially" announced because they were born pretty early and are still in the hospital)
    Brooklyn Renee and Natalie Ryann
    Karlynn Alexandra (Karlie)
    Grace Liberty and Wyatt Scott
    David Alan (a junior), Rayna Elora and Mason Andrew
    Ethan Robert
    Rylie Deanna and Landon Michael
    Kylie Rose
    Camrie Michelle and Nicholas Robert (Nicholas was born today!)
    Sarah Elizabeth
    Dragen, Saben, Gaven, and Tully
    Merrick Alexander
    Anthony Jay (Ajay)
    Logan Michael
    Alivia (I dont remember her middle name...Mae or Marie?), Cameron Michael and Savannah Grace
    Zoey Amelia (due in December)
    Shayla Rebecca, Skyler Lynn, and Sly Wilder (due in November)
    Drake William and Gage Ryan
    Logan Faith (girl) and Hank....Idk his mn
    Cole Michael (due in October)
    Cooper Lee
    Nadia Elizabeth
    Abby Kay

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