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    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    Aria -- Keep
    Audrey -- Toss
    Austen -- Toss.
    Azalea* -- Toss.
    Beatrice -- Keep
    Belle -- Keep
    Bloom* -- Keep
    Brooke -- Toss
    Carolina (lee-nuh) -- Toss
    Caroline -- Toss
    Cecilia -- Toss
    Coraline -- Toss
    Cordelia -- Keep
    Clover* -- Keep
    Dahlia -- Toss
    Elena -- Keep
    Elise -- Toss
    Elizabeth -- Toss
    Elodie -- Keep
    Everly -- Toss
    Gemma -- Toss
    Hadley -- Toss
    Hermione* -- Toss
    Juliet -- Keep
    Juniper -- Keep
    Katherine -- Toss
    Laila -- Toss
    Lila -- Toss
    Lilly -- Toss
    Lola -- Toss {Keep as a nickname for Lorelai or Elodie}
    Lorelai -- Keep
    Mabel -- Toss
    Magnolia* -- Keep
    Marilyn -- Toss
    Melody -- Toss
    Milla (me-luh) -- Toss {Prefer Mila}
    Olive -- Toss
    Penelope -- Toss
    Piper -- Toss
    Posey -- Toss
    Rosalena* -- Toss
    Rosalie -- Keep
    Rose -- Keep
    Scarlett -- Keep
    Tessa -- Keep
    Vivienne -- Keep
    Willow -- Toss
    Zara -- Keep

    I only said 'keep' to the ones I was absolutely in love with.
    || Andrea || 23 || name obsessed ||
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    Aria- KEEP - okay, I prefer Ariana
    Audrey- KEEP okay, I prefer Aubrey
    Austen - TOSS - too unisex for me
    Azalea* - KEEP like as a mn
    Beatrice - KEEP nice, prefer Beatrix
    Belle- TOSS meh, okay, better as a mn
    Bloom*- TOSS not terrible
    Brooke- TOSS snore
    Carolina (lee-nuh)- TOSS North or South?
    Caroline- TOSS meh, not terrible, prefer Coraline
    Cecilia - KEEP okay, prefer Cecily
    Coraline- KEEP LIKE
    Cordelia- KEEP LIKE
    Clover*- KEEP like as a mn
    Dahlia- TOSS reminds me of death and surrealism or Dolly, not terrible though
    Elena- TOSS meh, boring
    Elise- TOSS meh, too much like Elsie which I loathe
    Elizabeth- KEEP LIKE
    Elodie- TOSS I don't get this one
    Everly- KEEP this is a unique one that I kinda like
    Gemma- KEEP nice
    Hadley- TOSS meh, too trendy and Hads is a stupid nn
    Hermione*- TOSS I love HP but I wouldn't use it
    Juliet- KEEP beautiful
    Juniper- KEEP I like it
    Katherine- KEEP pretty
    Laila- TOSS too licky
    Lila- TOSS same as above
    Lilly- KEEP not bad, especially as a mn
    Lola- TOSS bleh, I just think of the song
    Lorelai- KEEP beautiful, though I like Lorelei
    Mabel- TOSS too old lady
    Magnolia*- KEEP pretty, especially as a mn
    Marilyn- TOSS Monroe
    Melody- TOSS and Harmony
    Milla (me-luh)- TOSS this just makes me think of worms
    Olive- KEEP interesting and nice
    Penelope- KEEP pretty
    Piper- KEEP like
    Posey - KEEP as a mn only
    Rosalena*- TOSS meh
    Rosalie- KEEP pretty
    Rose- TOSS meh, okay as a mn
    Scarlett- TOSS meh
    Tessa- KEEP gorgeous
    Vivienne- TOSS bleh
    Willow- KEEP okay
    Zara- KEEP nice
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    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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    Bloom is my all time favourite on your list, and it's such a wonderful middle name as well! I like Audrey Bloom a lot ^^
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    Aria - toss, too vowel-heavy for me.
    Audrey - keep
    Austen - toss
    Azalea* - keep
    Beatrice - toss, seems stuffy
    Belle - keep, though I like it more as a middle name
    Bloom* - toss, too surnamey
    Brooke - keep, I like it as a middle name, but that's just me
    Carolina (lee-nuh) - keep
    Caroline - keep
    Cecilia - toss
    Coraline - toss, nice but the movie association is a bit strong (not a bad thing, just saying)
    Cordelia - keep
    Clover* - toss, a little too cutesy
    Dahlia - keep, and I'd just like to say I love this name!
    Elena - keep
    Elise - keep, love to use it myself someday, but can't. Not because of a bad association, but it could get confusing with an Elise and an Elisa in the family. (Elisa being my bf's cousin)
    Elizabeth - toss, I only say that because it's almost TOO classic.
    Elodie - toss
    Everly - toss
    Gemma - keep, it could grow on me
    Hadley - toss, too similar to Hedley Lamarr from 'Blazing Saddles' for me.
    Hermione* - toss, too HP I'm sad to say.
    Juliet - keep
    Juniper - toss, a little too whimsical
    Katherine - keep, though not my preferred spelling
    Laila - toss
    Lila - keep
    Lilly - keep, sure it's really popular, but the alternate spelling makes me more useable
    Lola - keep
    Lorelai - keep
    Mabel - keep, this one has sentimental value for me because of my late grandma.
    Magnolia* - keep, a magnificent name!
    Marilyn - keep
    Melody - keep
    Milla (me-luh) - toss, for some reason my mind keeps making me think of meal worms.
    Olive - keep
    Penelope - toss
    Piper - toss
    Posey - toss
    Rosalena* - keep
    Rosalie - toss
    Rose - keep
    Scarlett - toss, this name is forever Scarlett O'Hara for me.
    Tessa - keep
    Vivienne - toss, this spelling's a tad too frilly for me
    Willow - toss
    Zara - keep
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    Boys: Conrad, Fain, Marcelo, Serge, Isidoro

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